What do you need from me?

You will be at the heart of the process.  We need you to be open and truthful in all your communications with us and to keep in contact with us.  We, in turn, use our experience to ensure that, with your help, all that needs to be done is done.  You will be the first person we ask to tell us what happened.  We will need information from you about your claim, such as your financial losses and the impact the injury has had on you and your family’s life.

The amount of information we need from you depends on what your enquiry is about. If it is a complex matter then it is likely we will ask you for detailed information and any relevant documentation that you may hold.

You may have copies of your medical records  – which can be helpful, but please speak to us before forwarding them so that we can advise whether or not we need to see them.  We usually ask you to sign a form of authority so that we can apply for all of your medical records directly. You may need to attend a medical appointment with both our and the Defendant’s expert.

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