Giving to the Community – hidden disabilities

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A woman and two teenagers make orange juice

As a clinical negligence solicitor I often meet people with disability. 

The parents of children with disability often go above and beyond to fight for what their child needs and provide love and care to their child almost at the sacrifice of all else.

One family I know have taken that a step further and are now looking to support others in a similar situation.

Bernadette and Emily have set up a non-profit making Community Interest Company –  Moss-Rose Cottage CIC.

As explained by Bernadette on the website Emily has hidden disabilities due to a brain injury at birth.

Some people with hidden disabilities have memory and executive functioning problems or they may have behavioural issues.  Some examples of how this might impact on them:

  • They need reminders to do things like have a shower or eat
  • They might be able to tell you that they have been on holiday but not what they did on holiday.
  • They might exhibit anxiety because they can’t remember things
  • Their academic performance is likely to be affected because they can’t remember or learn for exams
  • They can’t remember the order in which to do things – like cook a meal or order an online delivery.
  • They might struggle to concentrate or tire very easily when trying to concentrate
  • There can be loss of inhibition – saying in appropriate things or acting inappropriately.
  • They might be particularly naïve making them vulnerable
  • Any of these can lead to a loss of confidence.

As a result of their brain injury they will never be able to be employed as their peers would be, but they still have so much to offer.

Moss-Rose Cottage will offer life skills and coping skills to those of working age with hidden disabilities like Emily.

It will offer an opportunity to make connections with others in a similar situation.  It will provide a supportive environment to try new things and support local existing community groups and will give some employment and self esteem to those like Emily improving chances of future employment.

Moss-Rose Cottage will also offer community based rehabilitation together with softer skills such as self-care and personal wellbeing support.

If you live in or near Cardiff and are able to support Moss-Rose Cottage CIC in any way please do offer your help.