Injury Prevention Day 2019

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On the 21 August 2019 we will be joining The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) in promoting Injury Prevention Day, a day for us all to think about what we can do to make the world a safer place.

Previous APIL campaigns include ‘Back Off,’ encouraging drivers to keep a safe distance and ‘Head Rest Test,’ to reduce the risk of neck and back injuries.

Road Safety Tips for All

This year’s campaign wants us all to share what APIL are calling ‘driving lessons’ – simple tips or mottos that have been picked up from family, friends, driving instructors or even public service announcements, that have stayed with you and made you a better, and more importantly safer, driver.

Some examples would be:

“Alert today – Alive Tomorrow”

“Speed thrills but also kills”

“Better late than never”

“Only a fool breaks the two second rule”

Tiny Mistakes can still Cause Accidents

Although it might be tempting to think of these sayings as silly, a 2017 report carried out by the Department of Transport [1] shows that of the Top 10 contributory factors of road accidents, many are caused by the kind of common mistakes they are meant to help us avoid:

  1. Driver/Rider failed to look properly – 35,933
  2. Driver/Rider failed to judge other person’s path or speed – 19,025
  3. Drive/Rider careless, reckless or in a hurry – 13,532
  4. Poor turn or manoeuvre – 12,362
  5. Loss of control – 10,781
  6. Pedestrian failed to look properly – 7,844
  7. Slippery road (due to weather) – 7,086
  8. Travelling too fast for the conditions – 5,946
  9. Sudden braking – 5,290
  10. Exceeding speed limit – 4,805

APIL hope that by sharing these lessons, it will help us all prevent needless road traffic accidents and the subsequent injuries that are suffered as a result.

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #IPDay19 or #DrivingLessons, and visit APIL’s Back Off Facebook page.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

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