Medical Practitioner at Eldene Surgery in Swindon Suspended

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Blood pressure gauge

A medical practitioner at Eldene Surgery in Swindon has been suspended amid concerns that they have been working outside of their trained level of competence.

Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group have announced that all registered patients, estimated to be 7,700 in total, have been written to asking if they have:
• Received wound care treatment in the past year
• Been seen for a diabetes review during the past 2 years
• Been seen for a sexual health review during the past 2 years
• Been seen for a contraception review during the past 2 years
• Been seen for a mental health review during the past 2 years
• Been seen for a course of hormone treatment within the last 6 months
• Taken a baby or child for any immunisation since June 2011
It is therefore assumed that the practitioner has been providing this care to a range of the practice’s patients including babies, children, adults and the elderly for a number of years.

If the concerns are confirmed, patients treated by this practitioner have been assaulted. This is because when we consent to medical or nursing treatment to be provided by a practitioner, we do so assuming or believing that the person providing the treatment is qualified and competent. If they are not properly qualified or competent, then we have not validly consented to the treatment.

Understandably, patients will be angry. Some will have had diabetic or wound care, smears or other intimate examinations, or have trusted their babies, children or elderly to the care of someone who was not what they claimed to be.

There are likely to be a number of individuals who will want to seek compensation. This will be possible if patients had been injured by any treatment provided by this person, or, even if not injury has resulted, they would be eligible to claim compensation for assault.

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