The NHS is now tracking Strep B cases – what does this mean for you?

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Medical negligence claims against the NHS are dealt with by an organisation called NHS Resolution. Part of their role is to track the number and type of claims made against each NHS Trust.  They have created codes for the different kinds of injuries that lead to clinical negligence claims, and they use the statistics from the codes to see, for example, how many negligence cases involve meningitis or sepsis and whether there are any particular trends.

Enable Law’s Claire Stoneman, a partner specialising in birth injury claims, was able to assist  GBSS  by suggesting that they find out from NHS Resolution whether a code existed for Group B Strep.  If there was a code then the results of legal claims could be used to bring about positive change in the standards of medical care. When GBSS found that there was no such code, they launched a campaign so that NHS Resolution would create one. As a result NHS Resolution has now added a code to their systems specifically for Group B Strep infection.

This is a real step forward for GBSS, the NHS and the legal industry. It means that for the first time, it will be possible to find out how many medical negligence claims there are involving Group B Strep, at which Trusts and how much the claims are costing the NHS. GBSS will be able to use this information to push for improvements to front-line NHS practice and make the case for better prevention, identification and treatment of Group B Strep.

What impact will this have on baby loss and neonatal injuries?

In relation to future cases of Group B Strep, it will allow NHS Resolution to track the incidence of Group B Strep in pregnancies that lead to baby loss or neonatal injuries. By tracking this information, they will be able to identify common trends, learn lessons and improve the overall standard of care. This, in turn, should hopefully reduce the number of claims that families have to bring.

How can Enable Law help you?

If you are thinking of talking to a clinical negligence solicitor, it is because you have been let down by the medical profession. You might feel nervous about talking to another professional at first but our ethos as a firm and as individuals is that  we are here to listen, help you and look after you during your claim.  We are committed to earning your trust.

For most of our clients, no amount of money can undo the harm that has been done to them and nothing is going to take away their child’s injury or their child’s death.  We understand that money is not the driver for bringing a claim.  We also ask that our clients receive a written apology wherever possible, and we advocate for changes in every case to guidelines, protocols and staff training to prevent the same mistakes happening to other families and their babies.

This is why we are committed to engaging with charities such as GBSS who campaign for improved healthcare to make a difference to healthcare provision and families’ lives.

An awareness of Group B Strep is vital for parents, parents-to-be and the healthcare workers who support them,  GBSS provide a wealth of information for families and healthcare workers to raise awareness.  That is also why we at Enable Law feel that it is so important to support the amazing work of GBSS. You can read more about our work with GBSS on our dedicated Group B Streptococcus page, or contact us for advice on individual cases.