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    People who suffer deafness or hearing loss due to the actions or inaction of someone else may be able to claim hearing loss compensation.

    In cases of industrial deafness this may be because an employer failed to take necessary measures to protect you from loud noises that have caused or contributed to your hearing loss.

    If you believe your hearing has been damaged due to medical negligence, an accident that was not your fault or because of your workplace, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Compensation can help to offset the financial hardships you may suffer due to hearing loss and deafness – such as not being able to work in the same job as before. It can also help with covering the costs of rehabilitation and getting you the best aids and equipment available to live as full a life as possible.

    To speak to an advisor about what has happened to you and find out if you could qualify for damages, contact us.

    Noise-induced hearing loss claims

    Noise-induced hearing loss is the second most common reason foremployer’s liability insurance claims.

    Noise-induced hearing loss is hearing loss or issues caused by being exposed to loud noises. This may happen in workplaces such as nightclubs, building sites, factories and anywhere else where there are high volumes of excessive noise.

    Employers are required under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations 2005) to prevent or reduce the risks of noise exposure.

    You may be entitled to compensation if your employer has failed in those duties and you have suffered as a result.

    Do I have a valid tinnitus or hearing loss claim?

    If it can be proven that your tinnitus or hearing loss was caused or made worse by someone else’s action or lack of action, you may have a valid claim.

    This could include claims against an employer who has failed to take necessary measures to protect you from noise-induced hearing loss or ‘industrial deafness’.

    Workplace hearing loss compensation

    Employers have a duty to protect your hearing from harm while you are at work.

    Employers should:

    • carry out risk assessments in relation to noise
    • act to reduce noise exposure
    • provide ear defenders or other protective equipment where necessary
    • ensure noise remains within legal limits
    • provide information and training regarding noise levels and personal protection
    • carry out health checks for hearing damage where there is a risk of harm.

    If your employer did not take adequate steps to protect your hearing at work, it may be you have a valid workplace injury claim.

    A solicitor can advise on whether you have grounds for a hearing loss claim.

    Whether your hearing loss is a result of workplace noise or caused by some other incident or accident, contact us for help.

    How much can I claim for hearing loss?

    Hearing loss compensation can span between a few thousand pounds and hundreds of thousands of pounds or even more in cases where there are severe long-term impacts.

    Factors that affect how much compensation is awarded in hearing loss claims may include:

    • if the injury was suffered at an early age and could affect speech
    • if the injury affects balance
    • impact on ability to work
    • presence and severity of tinnitus (hearing noises that are not caused by the outside world).

    Judiciary guidelines set out how much should be awarded for pain and suffering caused by hearing loss. These are called ‘general damages.’

    An additional award is made to address the specific financial hardships an individual has or will suffer. This additional amount is called ‘special damages’ and can exceed general damages.

    Example guideline hearing loss compensation amounts are:

    • For total deafness and loss of speech – £91,660 to £117,700 plus special damages

    The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on your own specific circumstances and the impacts of your injury on your life and finances.

    Specialist solicitors will consider everything and collate evidence to demonstrate how much compensation you deserve. They’ll then negotiate with the person, organisation, insurance company or medical trust to secure it for you.

    Is there a hearing loss claim time limit?

    Generally, you have three years to claim hearing loss compensation from the time you became aware of negligence.

    In cases where someone has reduced mental capacity or is under 18, time limits may not apply or are extended.

    It is best to contact a solicitor as soon as you can. If you are unsure whether you have the basis for a claim or if you are within time limits, contact us for a free, no-obligation assessment.

    No-win no-fee hearing loss claims

    We offer no win no fee arrangements for hearing loss claims.

    Our specialist legal team will discuss with you the options for covering the costs of making a claim and ensuring you get the maximum compensation possible.

    You won’t need to worry about being left with a large legal bill or having to hand over the majority of any claims award to cover legal costs.

    How long does a hearing loss claim take?

    It can take many months – or even years – to resolve a hearing loss claim.

    It’s important to find a supportive and communicative solicitor to help you through the process.

    While final settlement is agreed, we will always seek to secure intermediary payments where possible to help you with any immediate costs or financial hardship caused by the injury to your hearing.

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