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    Amputation claims can cover anything from the loss of an entire arm down to a single toe. Any form of limb loss can be emotionally traumatic and in the most serious cases, it is a life-changing event.

    Our team have helped clients who have lost limbs to due to medical negligence and in serious accidents – call them today to find out if they can help with your claim.





    Richard’s Story

    Richard was 60 and suffered from diabetes. The skin of his right foot cracked and became infected. He saw a district nurse at his GP’s surgery who managed the wound and saw him every week to dress it. In the meantime he continued to walk on his foot and the wound became worse. After about six weeks it became so painful that he went to accident and emergency and he was admitted. By then the infection had reached the bone of his foot. Doctors needed to amputate his leg below the knee to save his life.

    There are clear guidelines for managing foot wounds in patients with diabetes. They require urgent referral to a multi-disciplinary foot clinic. The district nurse failed to follow them. Therefore Richard made a claim against the hospital trust responsible for the district nurses.

    What happened?

    Eventually the claim was settled by negotiation weeks before trial. Richard received damages of £350,000. His damages are paying for the best quality private prosthetic legs so that he can walk as well as possible. They also pay for him to have help at home, a good quality wheelchair and other equipment to make life easier.

    All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

    Common Causes of Amputation

    An amputation, or the loss of a limb, can occur in a number of scenarios arising from negligence:

    From a serious injury:

    • In a road traffic accident – as the driver, passenger or a pedestrian
    • An accident at work, usually involving dangerous machinery or dangerous substance(s)

    Due to medical negligence;

    • Surgical removal of the wrong body part, or any other serious injury that makes the limb useless
    • Infection from surgery such as gangrene, making the limb vulnerable

    Helping you Obtain Compensation for Loss of Limb

    We realise the effects of such an injury can be devastating both emotionally and physically. We aim to alleviate some of this stress by providing effective legal advice and bringing an amputation claim to ensure assistance with aids and rehabilitation.

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