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    If you have been hurt in an accident, the most important question you can ask is “how will I get better?” Unfortunately, many accidents leave you with not just one, but multiple injuries. This can make recovery a lot more complicated.

    For adults, delays in recovery can cause financial problems in addition to the mental and physical stresses involved in recovering from their injuries. For children, serious multiple injuries can cause problems which last for their entire lives. Our team have helped many people claim for multiple injury compensation – call us now to find out if we can help you.


    Jenny’s Story

    Jenny was skiing in the French Alps and was struck from behind by another skier.  She fractured her left shoulder, ankle and her arm in four places; plus she also tore a ligament in her left wrist.  She underwent numerous operations and was left in continuing pain with her ability to work affected.

    How did we help?

    We were able to secure admission of liability and numerous interim payments throughout the course of the case which helped Jenny whilst waiting for her claim to be fully quantified and final compensation to be paid.

    Jenny has now had a second accident, she was thrown from a horse when a lorry drove past her too fast in wet conditions, causing the spray to go all over the horse and the horse to bolt.  She has fractured her spinal process and now has chronic pain syndrome.  We are now acting for Jenny in her second claim.

    All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

    The Rehabilitation Code

    There is guidance intended to ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly and in the most efficient way. These are the Rehabilitation Code of Practise and the Serious Injury Protocol.

    Because we follow both, you can be confident that help will be available as soon as possible. Contact our multiple injury solicitors today to find out more.

    Expert Multiple Injury Solicitors

    We have experience with the many ways that an accident can change your life, and no matter what combination of injuries you have suffered, we can work with the right people to get you better.

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