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    If you are seriously hurt in a road traffic accident, the life-changing injuries you are left with can leave you wondering how you are going to cope.  The legal issues surrounding car crash claims can be complex, but our specialist team of car accident solicitors are here for you. 

    If you have been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, contact us today to find out more about car accident compensation claims.


    Colin’s Story

    We acted for Colin, an elderly gentleman. Whilst driving home with his wife, a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road collided with his car head on. Tragically, Colin’s wife died from her injuries. Colin also suffered minor injuries including a broken toe.

    Colin’s RTA Claim Settlement

    Often claims following deaths result only in low awards, particularly where the person who died is elderly or had little income. However we were able to negotiate damages of more than £100,000.

    All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals


    If a loved one is killed by a car crash, it can have devastating and far-reaching consequences for your entire family. In certain circumstances, it can also leave you facing the prospect of a coroner’s inquest, a process that many find distressing.

    Our team of expert road traffic accident solicitors can support you at an inquest, helping you to navigate the process and find the answers that you need to move forwards.

    Charities we work with - Roadpeace

    RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims and has been helping families cope with the aftermath of road death and injury since 1992.

    Its work includes:

    • Providing emotional support for road crash victims including a national helpline, befriender network, local support groups, resilience building programme and remembrance activities
    • Producing information guides on post-crash investigation and legal procedures
    • Undertaking casework for bereaved families and the seriously injured
    • Policy and campaigning work for better justice and safer streets for all, informed by the experiences of victims

    Set up in 1992 by a mother whose son was killed by a red light offender, RoadPeace is a membership organisation whose work is informed by the needs and experiences of road crash victims. Membership is open to all, but people affected by road death and injury are particularly encouraged to join and support its calls for justice and safer streets.

    For more information about RoadPeace visit

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