Compensation helps pay for care of stroke victim

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We acted for mary, whose international normalised ration (INR) was not managed well at her new hospital and she subsequently suffered a stroke as a consequence of this.

We secured £300,000 compensation for Mary* when she suffered a stroke after regular medical checks were not carried out as required.

Mary (76) was a fit and active lady contributing to her community and doing lots of charity work before her stroke. Afterwards, she required 24-hour care due to permanent physical and mental impairment.

Things went wrong with Mary’s care when she transferred to a new hospital following a house move.

She had atrial fibrillation, a history of acute arterial emboli (where she was susceptible to blood clots) and was fitted with a pacemaker. She took medication to thin her blood and had to undergo regular international normalised ratio (INR) checks.

Following her transfer to the new hospital, her INR was not managed well and Mary suffered a cardiac embolus, meaning a blood clot broke away and caused a stroke.

The compensation included an award to help pay for the ongoing care and assistance Mary needed because of the stroke.

*Not her real name

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