What is a Group Action/Group Litigation?

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Group Litigations are where a number of individuals with similar claims, arising from similar circumstances (and usually against the same Defendant(s), come together to proceed as a single group.

A group action can be run by a single firm of solicitors acting on behalf of all the individuals, or those individuals could be represented by a number of different firms.  If they are represented by different firms, then it is usual to apply to the Court for a Group Litigation Order.  The Court will then appoint one firm to act as ‘Lead Solicitor’.  It is the Lead Solicitor who takes responsibility for coordinating the group and for negotiations with the Defendant(s) and their legal team(s).

The major benefit of a group litigation is that the more individuals that are involved, the greater the investigative and negotiating power that the group has.  Due to the detailed nature of many group actions, any solicitor working on such a case is usually highly specialised in that particular area of law.  This means that the individuals have the additional benefit of knowing that the solicitor representing them is experienced in both the specific area of law and in group actions.

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