Additional patients of struck-off Doctor Iuilu Stan contacted by the Royal Cornwall Hospital

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Gary Walker, Partner and Head of our Abuse Team, is acting on behalf of a number of patients of Dr Iuliu Stan who was found guilty of performing unnecessary, intimate and invasive procedures for his own sexual gratification.

What is new?

In January 2024 a number of people had been advised by the Royal Cornwall Hospitals that they had been patients of Dr Stan and it was being investigated by the General Medical Council (GMC) and there was to be a hearing of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) to review his fitness to practice.  The conclusion was to erase Dr Stan’s name from the medical register.

This week, the hospital sent letters to an additional group of patients who had not been previously contacted.   Whilst those patients were not referred to in the MPTS report and seemingly not part of that investigation, they have been told that the MPTS had found Dr Stan had inappropriately administered rectal medication and his actions were sexually motivated. The letter goes on to say that they were given rectal medication by Dr Stan.

It is not clear how these patients were identified or why the hospital chose to write to them at this moment in time rather than at an earlier opportunity.  Further, it is not clear whether their circumstances were included in the hospital’s previous investigations or the GMC’s investigation.

Gary Walker said “The hospital’s choice of contacting patients through the post to let them know that they may have been victims of Dr Stan’s sexual motivated actions is wholly inappropriate and can be traumatising. The letters arrive completely out of the blue and suggest that they or their children may have been victims of sexual assault.

I have offered to work with the hospital to discuss how they should communicate with patients to minimise distress and trauma but unfortunately, they chose not to take up that offer despite being told how upsetting it can be to receive this sort of news in this way.  In addition, despite repeated requests from both patients and myself, the hospital have not agreed to provide any formal support or counselling to the patients.

The patients now have more unanswered questions than before. 

I will continue to fight for my clients, to strive to get them answers and to ensure the hospital changes its practices when engaging with patients who have suffered trauma.”

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