Using my Experience with Hydrocephalus to Help Clients

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Kat Pearce - Enable Law

Our Katherine Pearce is both a medical negligence lawyer and the mother of a child with hydrocephalus. In this article, reprinted from the Shine newsletter with kind permission, Katherine talks about how she uses this experience to support her clients during their claims:

As a medical negligence lawyer and the parent of a child with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, I know the challenges of caring for a child with a disability – the never-ending medical appointments and the constant paranoia that a shunt will block or become infected.

As parents and patients, we place our health, and sometimes our lives, in the hands of the medical profession. The care we receive is outstanding but it is no secret that pressures on the NHS have never been greater. Sometimes things go wrong that could have been avoided – perhaps a tethered cord was not treated, a blocked shunt was not identified or a delay in diagnosing a brain tumour caused hydrocephalus.  Sometimes mistakes can result in long term disabilities that children and families will live with for their entire lives

It is a difficult decision to consider bringing a claim against those who provide medical treatment.  But where a mistake or treatment resulting in harm could have been avoided, a claim may answer questions about what happened and provide the opportunity for lessons to be learned so the same harm does not happen to others.

A successful claim can never change the medical outcome but compensation can provide the care needed to live with significant injuries and enable the whole family to resume the roles of being a parent, child, or partner.

Some of the ways compensation has helped my clients include:

  • Adapting a home
  • Appointing a case manager to coordinate care and therapy – someone to do the life admin!
  • Providing funding for therapies, rehabilitation
  • Providing funds to pay for care

Bringing a claim can be long and emotional journey but the team at Enable Law will be with you at every step. We have strong relationships with experts and charities, including Shine, that enable us to deliver a specialist, personal service to clients who have suffered avoidable harm.