Alex McKnight


“The best parts of my job are being able to give clients and families answers so they fully understand what has happened, and seeing how securing compensation for catastrophically injured clients restores independence, dignity, and the ability to live as full a life as possible.”

I am a clinical negligence lawyer with expertise in birth injury cases and other catastrophic injury cases; vascular and cardiac cases, including  cases arising out of aortioc dissection and AAA; and cases arising out of infection including necrotising fasciitis, pneumonia and TB.

I have specialised in clinical negligence litigation on behalf of Claimants since 2007. I spent the first part of my career acting for Defendants in clinical negligence cases and this experience is useful when I am advising clients on strategies and tactics.

I enjoy difficult and hard cases regardless of value, and particularly those cases that other law firms are refused to take on. I am experienced in dealing with birth injury cases, amputation cases, and cases relating to infection.  

Career Highlights

  • Settling a case for a brain damaged child that provided lifetime financial security and the funds necessary to maximise his independence
  • Securing a settlement in a hard fought case for the family of a woman who died suddenly having just given birth to her second child
  • Securing damages for an amputee who had not been listened to, and who had been blamed for being the cause the amputation, and then seeing the positive effects on them of the vindication they felt when the Defendant accepted that they had been badly treated. The compensation has provided lifetime financial security, and they are now live a full and active life.

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