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A medical negligence lawyer now for 30 years, I have handled claims involving the full range of medical procedures and have been fortunate to have acted in many high profile cases.

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'He is very approachable and easy to get on with. I can't think of anyone else better – we really are lucky to have him as our lawyer'

I represented the families affected by the Bristol children’s heart surgery scandal at the Bristol Royal Infirmary public inquiry which resulted in the Kennedy Report of 2001.  Following my involvement in the Bristol Inquiry I have become a central figure in child heart surgery litigation – the ‘go-to lawyer for complex cardiac cases’ (Chambers/Legal 500  guide) – and continue to work on behalf of those affected by failings at cardiac units across the country, including those at Bristol again and Leeds

A passionate patient safety advocate I have been a regular contributor to the debate over the wider problems facing an increasingly fragmented public-private  health service. Privatisation and NHS outsourcing to the private sector and the safety and indemnity implications are key interests. I gave evidence to the Parliamentary Health Committee in 2006 on my concerns after obtaining redress for patients injured after undergoing treatment in the now-defunct Independent Sector Treatment Centres and again in 2016, on behalf of patients whose cataract operations outsourced by Musgrove Park NHS hospital to Vanguard resulted in serious harm. I have had articles covering these issues published in the national press and contribute to the Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI) independent think-tank.

I have recently obtained compensation for a woman harmed by the disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson of Solihull NHS Trust.

After recovering compensation in the UK for a British ex- pat who underwent spinal surgery in Saudi Arabia I have also become something of an authority on the significant legal and jurisdictional complications surrounding medical tourism and have advised two government-funded studies on the subject.

Career Highlights
  • Career highlights have included  the privilege of representing families at the Bristol children’s heart Inquiry in 2001 and a new generation of families whose children have been injured or lost their lives at cardiac units in more recent years. Whistleblower Stephen Bolsin said of my contribution “I am quite serious when I say you deserve a medal for the support you have provided to these poor bereaved and grieving families” – a real endorsement as it came from the man who sacrificed his career to bring these injustices to light.
  • Also the successful Judicial Review in 2010 of what the Court found to have been the Government’s material error of fact  in their decision to limit compensation to haemophiliac clients who had contracted Hepatitis C and HIV from contaminated blood products supplied to the NHS by US pharmaceutical companies.
Other Information

I am a panel member of Action against Medical Accidents and the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel; also an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner (1999). I have been listed in Debrett’s People of Today for the last 8 years.

When not engaged in legal work, I  enjoy my family, travel, guitar and my garden.

I can be found on Twitter at @LaurenceVick.