Annabelle Vaughan

Mental Capacity


“I am committed to protecting the best interests of clients who cannot manage their affairs themselves. I aim to help my clients live their lives.”

I have 16 years’ experience in helping vulnerable people and their families with their long-term financial and care needs.

I act as a Court of Protection deputy and professional trustee safeguarding the interests of those unable to represent themselves.

I can also help if you are, or wish to be, appointed as deputy for a relative.

Career Highlights

  • Acting as a professional deputy and supporting a client with a multimillion pound settlement and ensuring that they could stay at home by introducing a 24/7 care package and commissioning adaptations to their home.
  • Supporting a client who lacks capacity to manage their finances so that they were able to begin a university course.
  • Finding suitable accommodation for a young adult that meant they could live independently and be close to family in case of an emergency.

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