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Medical Negligence


“I’ve successfully pursued claims for clients with a wide range of injuries, against individual practitioners, NHS Trusts and private hospitals”

I have worked as a specialist claimant clinical negligence lawyer for over 20 years. I have experience of successfully pursuing a wide range of clinical negligence claims. I have developed particular expertise in claims concerning catastrophic brain injury, including birth injury and cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, including cauda equina syndrome, and delay in diagnosis of cancer. I act for the injured individual and for bereaved families.

I have considerable experience of acting on behalf of clients who lack capacity to bring a claim themselves, working with family members and professional representatives to ensure my client is still able to bring a claim for the compensation that they deserve.

I have developed fantastic relationships with many other professionals involved in pursuing a successful clinical negligence claim, such as barristers, medical experts, case managers, financial advisors etc. and am therefore able to ensure that my clients receive the best support and representation possible.

I have been recognised for my expertise in both Chambers and Legal 500 for many years.

Career Highlights

  • £400,000 in compensation for cauda equina syndrome following spinal surgery
  • £55,000 in compensation for negligent hand surgery
  • £35,000 in compensation for a delay in diagnosing compartment syndrome
  • Secured compensation in excess of £1million for delay in diagnosis of a life-threatening soft-tissue infection
  • £62,000 in compensation for poorly performed knee replacement operation
  • £18.9M in compensation for an 11 year old girl who suffered catastrophic brain injury at birth as a consequence of a delay in expediting her delivery. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and suffered significant hearing loss and orthopaedic injuries in addition. She had significant global developmental delay but was independently mobile. The compensation will provide appropriate accommodation, equipment, education, therapies and care for the rest of her life.
  • £16.4M in compensation for a 15 year old girl who suffered acute starvation of oxygen in the hours leading up to her birth and suffered catastrophic and permanent brain injury. She has severe dyskinetic quadriparetic cerebral palsy but relatively well preserved cognitive function. The compensation has paid for a beautiful fully adapted home, specialist education provision into her 20s and will cover all of her care, therapy and equipment needs for the rest of her life.
  • £3.5M (after on a 55% liability split) in compensation for a gentleman in his 60s who suffered a complete spinal cord injury as a consequence of inadequate mental health care. The case was very hard fought at both eh liability and quantum stages. The money will enable him to purchase suitably adapted accommodation and to ensure that he has the care and equipment he needs to maximise his independence.
  • £1.3M in compensation for a lady who sustained compartment syndrome following prolonged surgery. The delay in recognising the condition meant that she had to undergo numerous operations and suffered permanent footdrop affecting her mobility and ability to work. The compensation will enable her to move to single-level accommodation within their present locality, provide proper orthotic support and to have treatment allowing a phased return to work.
  • £1.1M in compensation for a gentleman in his 60s who suffered a permanent incomplete spinal cord injury as a result of a delay in diagnosis of lymphoma. He requires a power wheelchair but is adamant that he will be as   independent as possible. The compensation will enable him to purchase suitable accommodation and domestic assistance, as well as specialist equipment so that he can continue to enjoy his hobbies and holidays.
  • In excess of £1M in compensation for a gentleman in his 70’s for brain injury sustained following spinal surgery. The compensation will pay for adaptations to his property and enable him to have a full care and support package.
  • £900K in compensation for a young lady who suffered a stroke following cardiac surgery because she was not properly anticoagulated. She had a pre-existing condition which meant that she would always have needed a lot of care and support and did not have capacity to bring the claim herself. However I and her parents felt strongly that the stroke had deprived her of a great deal of the independence and joy that she did have. This was one of my longest running cases, continuing for over 16 years and I was delighted to be able to bring it to a successful conclusion. The money is paying for adaptations to her residential placement and will cover additional carer support so that she can remain as active as possible for the rest of her life.
  • £540K in compensation for a lady whose knee fracture was negligently treated. This resulted in the need for multiple future surgeries and permanent leg shortening and other orthopaedic issues affecting her mobility and employment.
  • £400K in compensation for a lady for injuries sustained during forceps delivery in childbirth which caused bladder and bowel dysfunction and significant ongoing pain and discomfort.
  • £200K in compensation for a gentleman who endured a delay in diagnosis of his prostate cancer by almost 2 years, by which time it was inoperable. The claim was fully contested and settled just before trial, at which time the client thankfully remained in reasonably good health.
  • Securing a full admission of liability for a lady whose husband died as a consequence of a delay in diagnosis of malignant melanoma. They have 2 children and quantum investigations are ongoing.

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