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At a time like this we need someone to advise and support us; someone to campaign on our behalf who will give us a voice; someone we know will help fight our corner.

We help put people back in control of their own lives. We don’t just listen, we hear and we understand.  And we make sure others hear too.

Our experienced, sympathetic team of medical law, serious injury and mental capacity specialists work hard for you and your family to get the answers, care and compensation you deserve.
We are in your corner.

Real Life Experiences
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Claire was part of a gynaecology group action involving over 220 patients of Rob Jones, a former consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. Claire won her case and her courage has empowered many more women in the group action.

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Margaret's husband had a heart condition that wasn't diagnosed, despite several admissions to hospital, until after his death. Margaret received an explanation of what happened and an apology. Compensation was awarded which has given Margaret financial security for the future.

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Tegan suffered brain damage at birth and was left with Cerebral Palsy. She fundraised for this cartoon to be made to help explain to her school friends why she is different. We continue to act for Tegan as Trustee to help manage her financial award.

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