£350,000 compensation for leg amputation after failures in diabetes care

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Enable Law secured £350,000 compensation for Richard,* who had to have his leg amputated following failures by his healthcare team when he got a foot wound.

As a diabetic, Richard, aged 60, should have been given an urgent referral to a multidisciplinary foot clinic when he went to his GP with the wound.

Instead he was treated by a district nurse over the course of six weeks, but the wound got worse and became infected. The infection spread to the bone, leaving Richard in terrible pain and doctors to make the decision to amputate his leg below the knee.

Compensation was secured from the healthcare trust in charge of the district nurses who treated Richard.

His damages allowed him to access a better quality prosthetic leg to allow him to walk as well as possible.

It also paid for him to have help at home, a good quality wheelchair and other equipment to make life easier.

  • Name changed

Diabetes is often linked to avoidable amputations.

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