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If you think your hearing was damaged due to an accident, negligence or in the workplace, find out if you can pursue compensation. 

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Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss arises predominantly from exposure to excessive noise levels and other avoidable risk factors. Prolonged exposure to loud noises, whether in the workplace, recreational settings, or through personal habits such as listening to music at high volumes, can gradually damage the delicate structures of the inner ear, leading to irreversible hearing impairment. 

Occupational hazards in industries like construction, manufacturing, and entertainment often pose considerable risks, highlighting the importance of implementing and enforcing proper safety processes and providing adequate hearing protection for workers.

Beyond the obvious challenge of impaired communication, hearing loss can significantly impact various aspects of daily living. Social interactions become strained as conversations become difficult to follow, leading to feelings of isolation and withdrawal. Simple tasks such as answering phone calls or participating in group discussions may become sources of frustration and anxiety. In professional settings, hearing loss can impede performance and career advancement, potentially leading to discrimination and decreased opportunities. Moreover, the constant effort to compensate for hearing loss can lead to fatigue and mental exhaustion. However, with appropriate support, including assistive devices, communication strategies, and emotional assistance, individuals with hearing loss can adapt and thrive,

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Your rights and eligibility

People who suffer deafness or hearing loss due to the actions or negligence of someone else may be able to claim hearing loss compensation.

If you believe your hearing has been damaged due to medical negligence, an accident that was not your fault or because of your workplace, you may be entitled to compensation.

Some examples of potential hearing loss compensation claims include

  • Industrial deafness – through failure to prevent risks from noise exposure
  • Tinnitus

How can compensation help?

Compensation can help to offset the financial hardships you may suffer due to hearing loss and deafness – such as not being able to work in the same job as before. It can also help with covering the costs of rehabilitation and getting you the best aids and equipment available to live as full a life as possible.

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Choosing a lawyer for your loss of hearing claim

Enable Law is a firm specialist in all forms of serious injury, personal injury and medical negligence claims, including those involving hearing loss.

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Our specialist legal team will discuss with you the options for covering the costs of making a claim and ensuring you get the maximum compensation possible. You won’t need to worry about being left with a large legal bill or having to hand over the majority of any claims award to cover legal costs.

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Hearing loss compensation FAQ’s

Hearing loss compensation can span between a few thousand pounds and hundreds of thousands of pounds or even more in cases where there are severe long-term impacts.

Factors that affect how much compensation is awarded in hearing loss claims may include:

  • If the injury was suffered at an early age and could affect speech
  • If the injury affects balance which impacts your ability to work
  • Presence and severity of tinnitus (hearing noises that are not caused by the outside world).

Judiciary guidelines set out how much should be awarded for pain and suffering caused by hearing loss. These are called ‘general damages.’

An additional award is made to address the specific financial hardships an individual has or will suffer. This additional amount is called ‘special damages’ and can exceed general damages.

Example guideline hearing loss compensation amounts are:

For total deafness and loss of speech – £91,660 to £117,700 plus special damages

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on your own specific circumstances and the impacts of your injury on your life and finances.

Specialist solicitors will consider everything and collate evidence to demonstrate how much compensation you deserve. They’ll then negotiate with the person, organisation, insurance company or medical trust to secure it for you.

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