£960,000 for compartment syndrome due to delays in treatment

A doctor takes the blood pressure of a person in a wheelchair
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Tina suffered internal bleeding which was not identified by medical staff for some time, she subsequently developed further nerve damage to her lower right leg.

We secured over £960,000 compensation for Tina* who suffered compartment syndrome due to delays in the treatment of an internal bleed following surgery.

Tina had an operation after her hip was damaged in a road crash. Afterwards, she suffered an internal bleed which nurses did not bring to the attention of the surgeon quick enough.

The delay meant Tina developed compartment syndrome in her lower right leg, and nerve damage which ultimately led to amputation.

The internal bleed and artery damage were known risks of the initial Ganz periacetabular osteotomy hip preservation surgery that Tina underwent. Medical negligence arose due to the delays in identifying and treating it.

If the bleeding had been identified earlier, Tina would not have developed compartment syndrome or nerve damage and required below the knee amputation.

*name has been changed.

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