Court of protection application for adapted home approved

A boy in a wheelchair
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We supported our client Jon*, who is profoundly disabled, to gain approval from the Court of Protection to invest in a specially adapted new home.

Jon’s team of 13 carers and his family worked with him to come up with a solution that would be better than the current bungalow where he lived with his mum. Jon’s existing home was not suitable for his long term needs and, whilst he wanted to keep his mum close by, he wanted more independence.

In view of Jon’s compromised capacity, an assessment was carried out so that we could be satisfied that Jon could be involved with the decision making process.

Professional advice was sought to ensure the land identified was suitable, an architect appointed to draw up the plans and Jon’s financial situation assessed to ensure the plan was affordable and still allowed him long term security.

The court of protection approved the investment of £1.35 million into the purchase of land for the development of a bespoke bungalow for Jon and a separate home for his mum.

Jon remained as involved as possible throughout. He has a kitchen in the colours of his favourite football team and a cinema room to enjoy as well as all the necessary specialist facilities he’ll need in the future.

His former home was sold and the money reinvested on Jon’s behalf.

*name changed to protect the identity of our client

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