Double Success for Negligent Hysterectomy Claims

Morgan Lister - Enable Law
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Enable Law’s Plymouth team have recently settled claims for two women who suffered vesico-vaginal fistulas (an opening between the vagina and bladder) following hysterectomies performed at Yeovil District Hospital in mid-2016.

Michelle’s Claim

Michelle underwent a hysterectomy and bilateral salphingo-oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes) at the Hospital in May 2016.

In the days after the operation she started to suffer with incontinence. A CT scan later confirmed a fistula, and she was referred for a repair operation at Bristol’s specialist urological unit.

The repair was successfully performed later that year, and Michelle thankfully made a good recovery.

Sarah’s Claim

Sarah had her hysterectomy performed because of menorrhagia and constant low back ache due to fibroids.   A few days after the operation she started to suffer with abdominal pain and began leaking small amounts of liquid (possibly urine).

The amount started to increase so she went to the Hospital’s Emergency Department, where she was given medication for a suspected urinary tract infection.

Her symptoms continued and she went back to the obstetrics and gynaecology unit the following day. A CT scan confirmed she had a fistula and a repair operation was again performed in Bristol in August 2016. Sarah however continued to suffer with some loss of bladder sensation, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Expert Evaluation

Enable Law’s medical negligence solicitors arranged for an independent expert gynaecologist to assess Michelle and Sarah’s cases.

He advised that the likely cause of their fistulas was because their bladders had not been pushed away far enough during the operation. The fistula was then caused by either:

  • a tear to the bladder (potentially as a result of injury from a knife),
  • a diathermy burn (a surgical technique which uses heat from an electric current to cut tissue), or
  • accidentally stitching into the bladder.

The expert advised that either of the potential causes was negligent.

The Hospital admitted the care provided was negligent in Sarah’s case, but denied any negligence for Michelle’s injury. We were however able to settle both claims, despite it still being denied that the Hospital were responsible for Michelle’s injuries.

Michelle’s claim was ultimately settled for £33,000, and Sarah’s claim for £34,000.

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