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A neonatal death, also known as a newborn death, occurs when a baby dies within four weeks of being born. Typically, these deaths happen within the first week after birth.

Courtney and Jordan experienced the devastating loss of their son, Ollie, in 2017. Courtney’s pregnancy initially progressed smoothly, with no concerning signs during her 12 and 20-week scans. However, notes indicated the absence of a GROW chart, a tool predicting a baby’s growth, in her medical records.

At 37 weeks gestation, a scan showed nothing alarming. Two weeks later, Courtney was admitted due to her waters possibly breaking, and a cervical sweep was performed at 40 weeks. Despite concerns about the baby being “Small for Gestational Age,” Courtney underwent induction at 41 weeks in accordance with the hospital’s guidance.

During induction, Courtney faced painful contractions, and monitoring through Cardiotocography (CTG) showed reassuring results until it was stopped at 4:50 pm. Subsequent observations were delayed, and a pathological CTG at 8:40 pm indicated the baby’s potential distress. A series of interventions, including a ventouse (vacuum) delivery and episiotomy, followed, but Ollie was born with the cord around his neck and without a heartbeat.

Ollie was transferred to the neonatal unit, where subsequent tests revealed severe brain damage and multi-organ failure due to oxygen deprivation. The Hospital explained to Courtney and Jordan that the damage Ollie had suffered was permanent and that there was nothing more they could do for him. His parents made the heart-breaking decision to withdraw Ollie’s life support and he passed away at just one day old.

Following this tragic event, Courtney and Jordan struggled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Seeking justice, they approached Enable Law in 2018.

Independent medical experts agreed that proper monitoring could have led to Ollie’s earlier delivery, potentially saving him. Derriford Hospital admitted these allegations and agreed to a £62,500 compensation. While nothing can replace their loss, this settlement which was approved in 2021 provides some acknowledgment of the negligence involved.

Rob Antrobus, Head of Enable Law who is based in Plymouth said ” Courtney and Jordan’s loss of their son is absolutely devastating and so is the knowledge that there were missed opportunities in the monitoring that could have saved him. Since then we have represented many other families who have suffered a similar loss. Our thoughts are with anyone that has had to live through the loss of a baby. ”

Enable Law has a specialist babyloss and neonatal clinical negligence team supporting parents understand what may have gone wrong with the care they have received. We have links with a national network of charities and experts that can provide advice and support to help them with their loss. All conversations are confidential and free. To have a discussion with us call us on 0800 044 8488 or fill in our contact form here so we can call you back at a time convenient to you Contact Us – Enable Law

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