Failed rectum surgery led to £800,000 compensation settlement

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Eric found life with a stoma very difficult and his wife provided him with a lot of help at home. However, she too became ill and struggled to support him.

Our medical negligence solicitors secured £800,000 in compensation for a man who was left with permanent problems following surgery that resulted from ulcerative colitis.

An ileostomy that was intended to be temporary after the first stage of the operation became permanent and our client was left to rely on a stoma bag to collect his faeces from the opening in his abdomen. In addition, there was an ongoing cancer risk because a rectal stump was left behind during the operation.

The stoma leaked frequently, was noisy and sometimes smelly. Our client, who had previously taken pride in his appearance was only able to wear tracksuit bottoms due to the discomfort of a rigid waistband.

He avoided leaving the house, became depressed and was reliant on his wife’s help to manage. She then became ill herself.

Our solicitors were able to secure an early part payment of compensation to help the couple before the entire claim was settled. The interim payment of £100,000 helped pay for care and support at home before the final £800,000 settlement was reached.

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