Fatal injury claim: “You need a firm that will treat you with great respect and kindness”

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If medics had detected Simon’s heart condition, he could have lived another 16 years. That was the painful discovery made by our expert when we supported Simon’s widow Margaret. When Simon was in hospital, Margaret repeatedly raised concerns about his deterioration but felt she was ignored. When he died, a GP told Margaret that Simon had suffered a heart infection that should have been spotted by medics. Margaret wanted to ensure no one else went through the same thing again.

She raised a complaint and contacted Enable Law.

We were able to support Margaret to get the answers she needed. Margaret was left without a house when Simon died. We helped secure a financial settlement to give Margaret some future security. Margaret said: “Everybody was absolutely amazing really. They went through probate for me and all sorts of other things.

“I think you’re very, very fragile after something like this happens. You’re perhaps not quite as good at dealing with situations as you were before, but in a way it’s a kind of cleansing process because you are going back over the things that perhaps you need to go back over to kind of grow out of it and heal.

“So when you are that fragile you do need a firm that is going to treat you with great respect and kindness.”

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