Support for parents at inquest into death of their baby

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Hospital staff were unable to explain what went wrong during Lesley’s labour and we assisted Lesley and her husband at an inquest.

We were able to help the parents of baby Lesley* to get answers when she tragically died soon after birth.

Pregnancy and labour had progressed normally until the very latest stages when Lesley became stuck and could not be delivered. An emergency caesarean was performed, but sadly, she failed to respond to resuscitation and died shortly after birth.

The hospital staff were unable to explain what had gone wrong.

We assisted Lesley’s parents at an inquest. The coroner was unable to identify any failings but we commissioned expert evidence. A neonatologist reported that Lesley had probably suffered an injury to the brain during the delivery. This affected her breathing which was why she had failed to respond to resuscitation at birth.

*Name has been changed to protect those involved

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