Injuries To Children

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    Unfortunately, thousands of children are injured every year – some during birth, and others through accidents that could have been avoided. This can be a distressing and traumatic event for both parent and child, and the injuries can vary from a minor accident to, in extreme cases, death.

    If your child has been injured as a result of the negligent act of somebody else, you may be entitled to bring a claim on their behalf.

    On occasion your child may suffer an injury during the birth process or in the period immediately after birth.  This may be because your baby was difficult to deliver and has suffered bruising from an assisted birth, possibly from the use of forceps or ventouse.

    Unfortunately, more serious injuries can occur if infection in Mum has not been recognised prior to labour, such as Group B streptococcus or HIV, and your baby can become infected if steps have not been taken to prevent transfer.  Injury can also occur if there is a lack of oxygen during delivery, causing cerebral palsy or other physical, learning and behavioural problems.


    If your child has a long term injury, you may be awarded birth injury compensation to cover costs such as 24 hour care, aids, equipment and technology, and purchasing a new home adapted to your child’s needs.

    Who we Work With

    We work closely with the Child Brain Injury Trust, who provide help and support to parents whose children have a brain injury, and are their recognised legal services provider for the South West.

    We also support the Children’s Trust, who offer both residential and community-based rehabilitation services for children and young people with a brain injury. You may like to visit their Brain Injury Hub, the UK’s only information resource aimed at supporting the parents and carers of brain injured children.

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    Experts in Child Injury Compensation

    We understand that injuries arising from these problems can have a devastating and life changing effect on a family.  We have a long history of successfully handling birth injury compensation claims and we will do everything we can to treat your claim with the compassion and sensitivity it deserves.

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