Dr Iuliu Stan and sexual misconduct – questions remain for The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust

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Dr Iuliu Stan, who worked at Treliske hospital in Trauma and Orthopaedics, has been found guilty of misconduct by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal and he has been struck off the Medical Register.

Allegations were made that he had conducted intimate investigations and prescribed medication per rectum (PR) on up to 40 male patients for his own sexual gratification. It was also alleged that he had also failed to obtain informed consent or offer patients a chaperone. Some of the allegations related to children.

Gary Walker is working on behalf of a number of the patients who have been affected by Dr Stan’s actions.  Gary, who has experience of supporting patients who have experienced abuse and assaults in the NHS says:

All those I have spoken to received a letter out of the blue telling them that Dr Stan was being investigated by the GMC. They were then subsequently told by letter that Dr Stan’s treatment and administration of rectal medication was inappropriate and for his own sexual gratification. Although there has been an offer of a conversation with a clinician or an executive about the treatment they received, the Trust have taken no steps to put in place any support of counselling or formal support for these patients. I want to work with the Trust to make sure that those affected have the support and care that they need to see them through this difficult time.

I also have a lot of questions that need answering about how Dr Stan was allowed to continue administering rectal medication to adults and children even after it was investigated by the hospital and, then, when he did finally leave the Trust why it took more than three years before they told any of the patients.

It is important that the Trust are accountable for what has happened and the way in which they decided to engage with the patients at a very late stage and that they learn from this.”

As well as seeking answers Gary will also be looking to recover damages for those patients affected by Dr Stan’s actions.

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