John Hutchinson – Bristol based surgeon facing medical negligence allegations

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John (Mervyn) Hutchinson, a spinal orthopaedic surgeon in Bristol that previously practised in Southmead Hospital, Bristol Children’s Hospital and privately run Spire Bristol Hospital, is facing allegations of misconduct and dishonesty relating to his private treatment at Spire Bristol Hospital.

John Hutchinson was a leading consultant in spinal surgery, previously celebrated for his innovative approach in providing surgical solutions to patients with serious spinal injuries including those whose lives are affected by scoliosis, spinal tumours and spinal fractures. He often performed very complex spinal surgeries and had a particular interest in supporting both children and adult patients with spinal deformities, degenerative spinal conditions and significant trauma.

Why is John Hutchinson now under investigation?

In 2019 Bristol Spire Hospital published a notification on their website that Mr Hutchinson’s practising privileges had been revoked and asking former patients of the surgeon who have concerns about their treatment to get in touch with them directly.  We understand that the Spire Hospital Bristol also carried out their own Duty of Candour investigation into the treatment he provided to former patients including a review of some patients’ medical records.

The Spire’s investigation resulted in a report being made to the General Medical Counsel (GMC), the public body who maintain the UK register of medical practitioners, and the allegations will be formally dealt with at a tribunal hearing later this year.

Mr Hutchinson’s practising privileges were revoked by the Spire Hospital Bristol and significant conditions have already been imposed on his license to practise by the General Medical Council (GMC). Some of these conditions include being observed by a clinical supervisor in all of his work and also not being allowed to practice outside of North Bristol NHS Trust.

The GMC’s tribunal hearing is tasked with investigating whether Mr Hutchinson failed to provide good clinical care to 9 patients between 2014-2018.  They will also investigate 17 incidents where there are allegations of him purposely overcharging patients for treatment by knowingly using the wrong code for financial gain.

We understand that as a result of the alleged failures in clinical care, some of his patients had to undergo unnecessary or additional surgeries and had longer recovery periods as a result.

It is not yet known whether further allegations will arise.  At Enable Law we are supporting former patients of Mr Hutchinson as the investigation unfolds.

What should I do if I have been treated by John Hutchinson?

At Enable Law we represent clients affected by medical negligence and we are helping a number of Mr Hutchinson’s former patients understand and investigate if they may have a claim as well as supporting them as the public allegations unfold.

If you are uncertain whether you may have a claim or are concerned about the treatment you have received a member of our specialist spinal and orthopaedic surgery medical negligence team will be happy to have a free, confidential discussion with you.

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