Injuries Caused by Animals

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    If an animal has harmed you or a loved one, you may be able to claim compensation.

    Livestock, cattle, horses and dogs can cause serious injuries and if the animal’s owner did not take proper steps to ensure it didn’t happen, they may be at fault.

    Our specialist serious injury solicitors can help. Get in touch for a sympathetic conversation about your situation and advice on your next steps.

    How to claim animal injury compensation

    Get in contact with a reputable solicitor to receive advice about claiming animal injury compensation.

    The Animal Act 1971 requires owners and those responsible for animals to ensure measures are taken to prevent them causing damage to people, other animals and property. Many livestock owners have insurance, such as public liability cover, that can be claimed against if someone is injured by one of their animals.

    If an animal has hurt you, or harmed or killed a loved one, we can advise on whether you may qualify for damages. We understand money cannot fix everything, but it can ease some worries.

    Our solicitors are experts in serious injury claims and fatal injury compensation.

    If a loved one was hurt and lacks mental capacity (the ability to make their own decisions) either due to the incident or a pre-existing condition, we have specialists to support you. We can also help in incidents involving children.

    We are experienced in road traffic claims and workplace injury claims, including those caused due to loose or poorly controlled animals.



    Compensation for widow after husband killed by cows

    We secured compensation to help a widow cope financially when her husband was trampled by cows in a field and died.

    John* had been crossing the field via a public footpath with his dogs when the cows with calves came across. He followed Countryside Code advice to release his dogs to allow them to run to safety if threatened by livestock. The dogs escaped, but the cows attacked John and trampled him.

    *name changed

    Can I claim compensation for a cow attack?

    Yes, compensation claims can arise from cow attacks on members of the public or people hurt at work.

    Cows attack numerous people every year, mostly people who work with cattle. Between 2015/16 and 2019/20 the Health and Safety Executive investigated 142 cow attack incidents, of which 22 resulted in a fatality. Four of those were people who did not work with the cattle. There were 65 incidents where people who did not work with cows were injured by them in that period, according to a BBC report.

    If the people responsible for the cows did not take appropriate steps to protect you or a loved one from harm, damages may be payable.

    Our team specialises in supporting claims for the kinds of serious injuries animal attacks, especially cattle, livestock and horse attacks, can result in. This includes brain damage and head injuries, spinal injuries and fatal injury claims.

    Horse riding accident claims

    Where someone else was at fault for a horse riding accident that you or a loved one was injured in, you may be able to claim compensation.

    Our specialist solicitors can help in these circumstances.

    Horses in fields that public footpaths cross can also cause injuries and may also result in damages.

    Average dog bite settlement UK

    Compensation awards for dog bites can vary hugely from hundreds of pounds up to tens of thousands or even more.

    Damages awards comprise two elements – general damages and special damages.

    Special damages are based on the specific losses and costs an individual has or will suffer as a result of their injury. They can include loss of earnings, costs of specialist equipment or counselling, for example.

    General damages are based on standard guidelines.

    Guideline damages amounts that could be relevant in dog bite cases are, for example:

    • loss of sight in one eye with scarring – up to £45,840 plus special damages
    • disfiguring scar – up to £21,330 plus special damages
    • below elbow amputation of an arm – up to £102,890 plus special damage
    • loss of index finger – up to £17,590 plus special damages.

    A specialist serious injuries solicitor will help you to identify and access all the care you need to get your life back on track after a dog attack. If you have suffered the death of a loved one in a dog attack, our fatal injury claim experts can help.

    How much is animal injury compensation worth?

    Every compensation payment will be different, but an animal injury could lead to payments of tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds or even more.

    Damages are decided based partly on the injury suffered and partly on the costs and financial losses those injuries lead to for individuals.

    People who have suffered long term injuries that require lifelong care are likely to get payments in the higher brackets.

    Animal injury claims are paid in two parts: general damages (for pain and suffering) and special damages (to cover the specific costs and losses endured by an individual including treatment costs, loss of earnings, care costs, house adaptations etc).

    Special damages vary hugely but general damages follow Judicial College guidelines.

    Example damages amounts that may be relevant to serious animal attacks include:

    • brain damage (from minor to very severe): £2,070 to £379,100 plus special damages
    • back/spinal injuries (from moderate back injury to tetraplegia/quadriplegia: up to £2,300 – £379,100 plus special damages
    • amputations (from loss of little finger to loss of an arm/leg) £8,110 to £128,710/£129,010 plus special damages.

    More animal attack compensation FAQs

    You can see our guides and FAQs page for more information on personal injury claims relevant to animal attack claims, including how to cover the costs of a claim and how long you have to claim. Otherwise, please contact us. We’re happy to provide direct answers.

    Helping you after animal injuries

    Our specialist solicitors have worked to obtain compensation for many people with animal injury claims, and they understand how serious your injuries could be.

    If you have been injured by an animal and think you might have a claim, call us now for a free, confidential discussion. Our specialist legal team have dealt with claims for many different kinds of animal attacks, and they can help you find the kind of help you might need to get better.

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