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    If you or a loved one have been injured due to a motorbike crash caused by someone else, we can help with a compensation claim.

    We support individuals and families where complex, serious injuries have resulted from a crash. Our specialist motorbike, accident compensation claims team is also supported by our mental capacity experts when the individual(s) involved have restricted ability to make their own decisions, perhaps due to coma or brain damage.

    We also help with fatal injury claims when someone has died.

    Compensation can help to pay for ongoing care, home adaptations, specialist mobility equipment and to help cover loss of earnings.

    We will help you find and access the best care and rehabilitation support available. We understand that making a claim may be daunting and that you already have a lot to think about and deal with.

    Throughout the compensation process we will support and guide you to make it as simple as possible.

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    How long does a motorbike crash claim take to settle?

    It is usual for a motorbike accident compensation claim involving injuries to take a year or more to settle.

    The process cannot be rushed because it is important for everyone to understand the full extent of the injuries involved and the issues these may cause in the future.

    Serious injury claims can involve lifelong care needs and the compensation claim needs to consider and detail what these may be.

    It is often possible to secure interim payments whilst a full and final settlement is agreed. These payments can help pay for the immediate costs people may face and the impacts of loss of earnings.

    What is the average motorcycle accident settlement UK?

    Motorcycle accident compensation claim settlements vary based on the extent of injuries suffered and the ongoing needs resulting from those injuries.

    A claim involving serious injuries that won’t get better will attract a larger amount of compensation than one in which injuries are minor and recovery expected.

    Compensation claims are made up of two elements: general damages and special damages.

    Special damages are based on the specifics of the case. They are intended to cover the specific costs resulting from an individual’s injury. One element of this may be loss of earnings.

    This depends on the amount of money an individual may have expected to earn if they had not suffered an injury or not had to care for someone who did. The amount will vary depending on the job and earnings of the individuals involved.

    General damages are intended to compensate for the pain and suffering caused and are usually based on stated judicial guidelines. These will often form the smaller element of the settlement.

    Guideline damages for motorbike crash related injuries, include:

    • Paraplegia: up to £266,740 plus special damages
    • Severe back injury: up to £151,070 plus special damages
    • Amputation of a leg below the knee: up to £124,800 plus special damages
    • ‘Moderately severe brain injury’: up to £264,650 plus special damages

    Overall damages can total hundreds of thousands or millions.

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    Can I claim motorbike crash compensation?

    You may have a valid claim if you were injured in a motorbike crash and someone else was to blame. A claim can still be made whether they were fully or partially to blame.

    ommon causes of motorbike crashes that could lead to a valid claim include other vehicles pulling out into the path of a motorcyclist and loss of control due to poor road surface.

    Collisions at junctions are common for motorcyclists, often due to other motorists failing to give way, according to ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). Collisions are also common due to other vehicles merging into the path of motorcyclists.

    People riding pillion may also be hurt in a crash caused by the rider and may be able to claim compensation for their injuries. Pedestrians injured by a motorcyclist may have a claim. Even in cases where a pedestrian steps out into the path of a motorcyclist there may be partial fault on the part of the motorcyclist, such as if they were speeding or not riding with enough care.

    If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorbike crash, it is best to talk to a specialist solicitor about your case who will help you decide if you may have a valid claim.

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    Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable of all road users by some measures. The casualty rate per billion passenger miles for motorcyclists was recorded as the highest of all road users (at 5,051 compared with 195 for car users) in a Department for Transport report published in September 2020.

    What does compensation cover?

    Motorcycle accident compensation claim awards are intended to support people to live a life that is as similar as possible to the one they had before they suffered an injury.

    Of course, following a serious accident, life is often totally changed, but compensation can help to make it more comfortable and manageable. It can help people to have the brightest possible future.

    Compensation can cover:

    • a payment for pain and suffering
    • medical care
    • rehabilitation
    • loss of earnings
    • home adaptations
    • mobility aids
    • ongoing care needs
    • mental health support and counselling.

    Will I have to go to court and give evidence?

    If your case has the support of our medical experts, who have advised that your treatment was negligent, the case will proceed against the Defendant. Whilst there is always a possibility of having to give your evidence in court, in reality very few medical negligence cases get as far as trial. The majority of cases of injury caused by negligent treatment are settled by a payment of damages without the need to attend court. This can happen at any time during the course of a claim, even up to the day before a trial is due to start.

    The court is, however, required to approve all cases which involve damages awarded to children or to those who do not have the ability to conduct their own affairs, and this takes place by way of a short court hearing.

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