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    We are specialist multiple injury claims solicitors who are expert in supporting people with complex serious personal injuries.

    Our experience of multiple injury compensation means we fully understand the intricacy, trauma and unique nature of the circumstances faced by the individuals and families we help.

    Regardless of what led to your injuries – or those of a loved one or child – if someone else was wholly or partially at fault, we work to secure compensation to help you cope with the implications.

    Areas of expertise for us include medical negligence, work related injury, road traffic collisions, injuries caused by animals and mental capacity matters.

    Pursuing a claim for compensation can feel like a very daunting process, but we will do all we can to reduce any stress and ensure you feel empowered and supported.

    We’ll work relentlessly to secure you the most comprehensive compensation award. This can ensure you have access to the best treatments, get support to alleviate your pain and suffering and allow you to achieve the brightest future possible.

    Multiple Injury Compensation

    Multiple injury compensation might include any combination of injuries. We’re highly experienced in supporting people who have suffered injury, including:

    How much compensation can you get for multiple injuries?

    Compensation for multiple injuries claims can be extremely high in cases where serious injury has been suffered.

    Damages payments are designed to both provide some compensation for the pain and suffering caused, but also to help people cope with the costs that injuries can lead to.

    The amount of compensation awarded will vary on an individual basis and be closely aligned to the specific needs created for an individual as a result of their injuries.

    This may include costs involved in:

    • ongoing care and assistance
    • loss of earnings
    • accessing treatment
    • medical equipment
    • home adaptations

    A specialist solicitor will be able to carefully consider and research both the immediate costs you may incur and build things that may arise in the future into your claim too. As some claims cannot be revisited once they have been settled it’s incredibly important to instruct solicitors who are experienced enough to consider this fully.

    Claims can account for the costs of specialist equipment to allow individuals to take part in hobbies in the future too. In the past we’ve helped people with spinal injuries to access support from Riding for the Disabled and associated equipment, for example.

    Claims are made up of two parts: general damages and special damages.

    Special damages may represent the larger element and is the part of the claim that is very specifically tailored to covering the costs you have or will suffer as a result of your injuries.

    General damages are more uniform, with guidelines set on how much should be considered as an award for particular injuries.

    There are a broad range of general damages for each type of injury somebody may suffer depending on the severity of the injury and the associated pain.

    The guideline general damages element of compensation for ‘very severe brain injury’ is £264,650 to £379,100. Whilst much less severe brain injury that has resulted in some ongoing issues, but from which someone has seen a big recovery, may be £14,380 to £40,410.

    For severe neck injuries general damages may be around £139,210. Where someone is left tetraplegic (or quadraplegic) or paraplegic, awards would be higher.

    If you think you may have a compensation claim, please do get in touch and allow our team to give you some personalised advice and information.

    Jenny was skiing in the French Alps and was struck from behind by another skier.  She fractured her left shoulder, ankle and her arm in four places and tore a ligament in her left wrist. She underwent numerous operations and was left in continuing pain, with her ability to work affected.

    Jenny was skiing in the French Alps and was struck from behind by another skier.  She fractured her left shoulder, ankle and her arm in four places and tore a ligament in her left wrist. She underwent numerous operations and was left in continuing pain, with her ability to work affected.

    We were able to secure admission of liability and, rather than having to wait for the final settlement before Jenny could access any financial support, we also obtained a number of interim payments to help her.

    Jenny returned to Enable Law when she was injured again

    Jenny turned to Enable Law again when she later suffered a spinal injury in a horse riding incident.

    A lorry drove past her too fast in wet conditions, causing the horse to be covered in spray and to bolt.

    Jenny was left with chronic pain syndrome as a result of her injuries.

    * Name has been changed to protect the identity of our client

    What is polytraumatic injury?

    Polytraumatic injury is a medical term for when someone suffers injuries to multiple body parts or organ systems.

    Someone who has multiple separate injuries is likely to require care from multiple disciplines, for example, orthopedics (bone doctors) and neurology (brain doctors).

    When someone suffers polytraumatic or multiple injuries, not only does their care and life become more complex, so does any compensation claim.

    Specialist complex injury solicitors help smooth that path to ensure claimants get all the help possible to make their new reality more manageable.

    Contact Enable Law for more information on how we help support people who have suffered polytraumatic injury.

    Can you claim compensation twice?

    Compensation awards for personal injury and medical negligence are often agreed on a full and final basis which means it is not possible to ask for a further settlement for the same injury at a later date.

    This is a major reason that we will never advise a claim should be rushed. It’s vital to ensure the full and thorough picture of all the implications an injury may have for a person, now and in the future, are known. It’s part of the reason we call on medical experts to provide evidence to support our cases.

    Where blame is accepted in regard to the injuries, it is often possible to secure interim compensation payments to help people before a full and final settlement is reached.

    In some cases a full and final settlement is not appropriate as it is not yet possible to quantify aspects of the claim that may arise in the future. In those cases there may be an agreement for periodical payments, usually in addition to an initial settlement.

    There have been cases where people have instructed non-expert solicitors who have settled for too little in their case having not considered the full picture. It may be possible to pursue a claim of professional negligence against a solicitor who has failed you in this way.

    If you have begun the claims process with another solicitor and are concerned you may not be getting the best possible outcome, do get in touch. We may still be able to help.

    Why choose Enable Law?

    Enable Law has one of the leading specialist medical negligence, personal injury and mental capacity teams in the UK. 

    Friendly and approachable, straightforward and constructive in our advice, our clients can rely on us in good times and bad. We aim to be caring and supportive in the service we provide to you.

    We have extensive experience in a wide range of claims against both the NHS and private health providers.  We have members on both the Law Society and AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) specialist clinical negligence panels.

    We have good working relationships with a number of local NHS Trusts which means that some disputes can be resolved quickly and sensitively.

    The Chambers Directory and the Legal 500 are top legal guides, who review the quality of services provided by solicitors. Both of them have praise for us, here are two excerpts from Chambers:

    “The firm is excellent and has a very progressive approach. Its service cannot be faulted.” Chambers UK.

    Their knowledge of the particular topics is excellent, and they balance a professional approach with kindness and compassion to clients who may have had very painful and traumatic experiences.” Chambers UK

    Expert Multiple Injury Solicitors

    We have experience with the many ways that an accident can change your life, and no matter what combination of injuries you have suffered, we can work with the right people to get you better.

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