Enable Law settles claim for Plymouth Dock worker

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National law firm, Enable Law, has settled a case for a Plymouth Dock worker following life-threatening incident and injuries sustained at work in 2019.

Enable Law’s client was acting as a Banksman for a crane which was removing pallets from a ship’s hold when the accident happened. At the time of the accident the client was stood on the top deck and behind him were a number of unsecured steel waste bins with wheels. Due to work being carried out and heavy machinery on board the ship rolled and one of the commercial bins struck Enable Law’s client from behind and caused him to fall 30ft into the open hold on the ship.

The fall resulted in life changing injuries and Enable Law’s client nearly lost his life on site at Plymouth Docks. Some of the injuries sustained from the fall included multiple bone fractures, a severe brain haemorrhage and ongoing memory loss.

When working on a ship, because of heavy machinery, tide and movement of cargo, measures and precautions should be put in place to secure objects, such as waste bins, that could cause harm. It is also standard practice to make sure that barriers are in place to prevent any individual falling from great height into the open hold on the ship.

The Enable law team included Tim Jones (Legal Director) and Laura Williamson (Solicitor) who advised the client on his claim and identified that precautionary measures had not been followed prior to work being carried out on the ship.

Tim and his team supported the client in bringing the claim forward to his Plymouth Docks-based employer, the master of the ship and the company responsible for unloading the ship. The employer continued to financially support Enable Law’s client.

When asked about the case, Tim Jones commented: “This case was complicated because of the many parties involved in the initial investigation. Our client’s employer did not accept liability and in the settlement agreed included the fault of the two other defendants. This is still an ongoing case with The Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

“Our client suffered injuries which are harrowing and life changing due to safety procedures not being followed. He worked for his employer for over a decade and is a trusted employee. We are pleased to have finalised the case for our client so he can use funds to access additional therapy and rehabilitation.

“Our client’s livelihood and way of living has drastically changed, through no fault of their own, which is the case for many of our clients at Enable Law and why we put so much time and effort into securing results for clients to make life more comfortable.”

Find out more about Enable Law and its services on its website: https://www.enablelaw.com/

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