Compensation Scheme for families of David Fuller’s victims

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Compensation Scheme for families of David Fuller's victims

The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have now agreed to the terms of a compensation scheme that will ensure the families of David Fuller’s victims receive compensation. The scheme was finalised following negotiation and discussions between lawyers for the Trust and those representing the families of David Fuller’s victims, including Gary Walker of Enable Law.

Gary Walker – Enable Law

Gary Walker was part of a small team of lawyers involved in negotiating the terms of the scheme and said:

“I am pleased that the DHSC has now finally agreed to the terms of the compensation scheme. The scheme will ensure that close family members of David Fuller’s victims will be paid compensation and will avoid the need for them to pursue a claim through the Courts.

“It is recognised that no amount of money will ever truly reflect the horrific crimes of David Fuller, or the impact it had on the families of his victims. Many of my clients have found the Trust’s refusal to formally admit liability or responsibility difficult to understand. However, I hope that through the scheme and the ongoing inquiry the family of his victims will feel their voices have been heard, receive some answers and reassurance that nothing like this will ever happen again, and the compensation they receive will ensure they are able to access any support they may need.

“I felt it was important that the scheme addresses not only people’s right to be compensated for the impact of these crimes but also offers the opportunity to receive an apology, either in writing or in person and the Trust have confirmed an apology will be available to those who would want it.

“The deadline for submitting a claim to the scheme is 30 June 2023 and I would encourage anyone who does wish to bring a claim to do so as soon as possible.”

The David Fuller Inquiry

The David Fuller Inquiry is ongoing. If you are unfamiliar with the inquiry, we have produced several articles as new information comes to light.

  1. The David Fuller Inquiry: Is enough being done for families?
  2. The David Fuller Inquiry: Fuller has been given two life sentences for murder.
  3. The David Fuller Inquiry: Fuller has been charged with 16 further sexual offences. 
  4. Compensation Scheme for families of David Fuller’s victims (Currently Reading)
  5. The David Fuller Inquiry: Updates coming soon.


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