Staying safe at home this Christmas

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Christmas tree in a loft

Without wishing to sound like The Grinch, Christmas can be a particularly hazardous time, especially in your own home. By taking a few simple steps you can ensure that the “Most wonderful time of the year” is spent around the Christmas tree rather than in A&E!

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, some 80,000 people are admitted to hospital each year from falls, cuts, choking and burns over the festive period.

Christmas related accidents can include;

  • Falling out of the loft when getting the decorations down
  • Electrocuting yourself on badly wired Christmas lights
  • Falling off ladders when putting up exterior decorations
  • Tripping and slipping on presents, toys and scissors discarded on the floor
  • Falling off stools when putting the angel on top of the Christmas tree
  • Electrocuting yourself when watering the Christmas tree with the lights on
  • Starting house fires from unattended candles and overloaded sockets
  • Choking on low-cost imported toys or cracker novelties which do not comply with British safety standards
  • Poisoning small children with fallen holly or mistletoe berries

In order to avoid accidents and injuries during the Festive Season we have composed our very own “12 Safety Tips of Christmas” to help you stay safe at home;

Twelve safety tips of Christmas

Unfortunately, it is not only the home which can be hazardous during the Christmas period. Common personal injury claims when out and about in December include slipping on ungritted icy pavements, food poisoning from the catering at office parties, slipping on wet dance floors, pedestrians being hit by drunk drivers and road traffic accidents involving tired party revellers driving home late at night.

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured during your Yuletide celebrations or by a defective new purchase, we can advise you of the prospects of bringing a successful personal injury claim. We are able to act on a no win no fee basis and our team of specialist personal injury solicitors will be available throughout the festive season to help you.

We wish you a safe and of course a very merry Christmas!

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