Supporting students from the University of Plymouth – one student’s story

Two women in conversation over some books
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Two women in conversation over some books

By Lily Parsons

As a final year law student at the University of Plymouth I chose to undertake the Work-Based Learning module and was incredibly fortunate to be placed with Enable Law as part of the Med-Law Project. I spent a morning every week with the amazing clinical negligence team in their stunning Plymouth office overlooking the Barbican.

This insight into the real legal world as an undergraduate was an invaluable experience.

What kind of work experience did I get?

I got a taste of many aspects of the medical negligence process in a highly esteemed firm. Working under such encouraging and supportive mentors meant conducting tasks relating to so many fascinating cases. Some remote university lectures and the flexibility offered by the firm enabled me to schedule my attendance to coincide with the most interesting tasks and really get the most out of this placement. They went out their way to include me in everything they could; I experienced a vast array of activities including producing attendance notes at settlement meetings, drafting a letter of claim and writing a letter of instruction.

What I learned during my legal work-based Placement

I gained deeper knowledge of medical law, an area there is not normally the opportunity to learn whilst at university. I also learned many aspects of legal practice  not otherwise  taught on a law degree, such as the process of a medical negligence case, each step patiently explained by one of my experienced mentors.

A hybrid experience

Entering a professional environment and meeting employees and clients face-to-face as well as remote interaction through Teams reflected how the working environment I hope to enter has changed since COVID-19. I know many of my fellow undergraduates did not get to experience the inside of a law firm due to Covid restrictions and how lucky I was to have this opportunity. A benefit of the hybrid set-up was also being invited to attend meetings across the county remotely that I would have unlikely been able to travel to, this extended the possibilities of this project.

My work-based learning Highlight

It was all amazing but I particularly enjoyed attending the settlement meetings. I was made aware that these do not happen that often and can be the culmination of years of work on a case. I really enjoyed observing the exchanges between parties; it was like the real-life enactment of university negotiation competitions.

I am so grateful to all involved at Enable Law for this incredible experience.

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