Travel tips to keep in mind this winter break

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With New Year fast approaching, many people will either be getting ready for a break that had been previously deferred due to the pandemic or considering whether they take a last-minute holiday to shorten the winter and get some winter sunshine.

Winter holidays can involve the two extremes of either lounging by a pool or activities in the snow and travellers must ensure they are properly prepared for whichever option they have selected.

Options to visit the North Pole can involve riding with huskies or meeting reindeer. Stays in snow hotels with options to ride on snow mobiles are also popular. Each presents its own challenges and you need to ensure that you have taken suitable clothing and footwear if you are going to be outside in cooler temperatures than we are used to for significant parts of the day.

Travel insurance

It is important to check your travel insurance and ensure that you are sufficiently covered for any activities you and your family may be undertaking. For example, is riding with husky dogs covered and are you covered if you are steering the sledge rather than simply being a passenger?

If there are other options to hire and ride snowmobiles again, ensure that you are sufficiently covered under the terms of your travel insurance.

If you decide to hire snowshoes or do some impromptu skiing, check your insurance cover particularly if you are planning to venture off the beaten track, off piste either on your own or with a guide.

Whilst these activities may not be covered as standard, a small additional payment may provide cover and enable you to partake in a broader range of additional activities. You will need to make enquiries of your insurer as to the amount and extent of any additional payment that may be required as this will vary depending on what you want to do.

Delays & cancellations

Flight delays and cancellations are still occurring, though not to the extent we saw during the summer.

The main cause now, as we have seen in the last few days, is bad weather meaning aircrafts need to be defrosted before they can take off safely or freezing fog reducing visibility. This has resulted in delays and cancellations at numerous airports.

Make sure you are aware of your rights and the provisions that your airline should offer in case of a delay to or cancellation of your flight. Keep all receipts in case you need to claim back monies at a later date, either from your airline or insurer.

It is important to have insurance in place not just for your dates of travel but from the date you make your booking in case something unexpected arises.

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