Multi-million pound settlement for brain injured client

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Our solicitors Huw Ponting and Sue Upton recently secured a settlement of £7.5 million for a client who suffered a serious brain injury in a road traffic accident. 

Our client’s road traffic accident

Ben (not his real name) was walking home after a night out when he was hit by the Defendant’s vehicle whilst crossing the road.

Injuries after collision

As a result of the accident Ben suffered a traumatic brain injury and numerous orthopaedic and internal injuries.  He was in hospital for several months.  He was then discharged to a neuro-disability unit where he continued to receive ongoing rehabilitation.

Whilst he made enormous progress when in hospital and during his rehabilitation, his brain injury has left him with ongoing cognitive difficulties.

Long term issues

A specialist brain injury case manager was instructed to assist Ben following his injury. After his discharge from neurorehabilitation, Ben continued to receive support from his brain injury case manager support workers and a number of treating therapists.

The extent of Ben’s ongoing care and therapy needs was strongly disputed by the Defendant’s experts, but both neurology experts agreed that Ben’s life expectancy was reduced.

Successfully obtaining compensation

A settlement was recently reached on behalf of Ben in the sum of £7.5 million. The parties also agreed an Order for provisional damages as part of the settlement, so that Ben can return to court to seek further damages if he suffers from epilepsy in the future as a result of his injuries.

The settlement will enable Ben to have the ongoing support of a brain injury case manager and care and assistance for the rest of his life. It will also provide for suitable accommodation and ongoing therapies.

Huw Ponting and Sue Upton are based in Enable Law’s Bristol office and specialise in brain injury claims.

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