Bush & Company joins forces with leading charity to create the largest specialist service for children with brain injuries in the UK

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The UK’s largest provider of assessment, case management and expert witness services Bush & Company, has announced a new partnership with leading charity, the Child Brain Injury Trust to provide an elite case management service dedicated to children with brain injuries across the UK – The Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service.

This industry-leading union has ambitious plans for growth and seeks to double its current capabilities, providing children with brain injuries, and their families with the care and support they need. This pioneering service will offer solicitors and clients a trusted, credible service as well as a choice of case managers working across the whole of the UK.

Bush & Company’s managing director, Helen Jackson said: “What’s really special about our partnership with the Child Brain Injury Trust is that we will be the only organisation of significant scale focused solely on child brain injury. We currently have a strong base of case managers working across the country and we intend to double our capacity as we expand our dedicated services.

“In launching the Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service we have created a union between two respected brands that are focused on transforming the lives of our clients. The partnership will help to further strengthen our specialist training programme which already supports our case managers to provide an outstanding service to clients and customers.”

Child Brain Injury Trust CEO, Lisa Turan said: “This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for the Child Brain Injury Trust to reinforce its provision for children and families affected by brain injury.

“Bush & Company’s national reach and consistent, trusted service is really important to us. Together we share a wealth of experience and are aligned strategically in terms of growth and expertise. This is about providing a lifetime of care so that children with brain injuries feel supported as they transition into adulthood.”

Lisa went on to say “The charity reaches a large number of families who will benefit from this service, however for families who do not have access to compensation the charity’s Child & Family Support service will be able to provide support throughout the UK at no cost to the family.”


Rob Antrobus, Partner at Enable Law and medical negligence specialist said, “It is exciting to see the partnership that two strong brands have established. Both organisations have strong relationships with solicitors across the UK who have welcomed the move to join forces.

“My clients have benefited from the Child Brain Injury Trust’s services and I have had the opportunity to tap into its wealth of knowledge and expertise. This partnership will enable both brands to strengthen their capabilities as well as providing greater choice for solicitors across the country.”

For more information about the Child Brain Injury Service, please visit www.cbirs.co.uk or call 01327 223817.