Foot Anstey investigate allegations of neglect and abuse at Clinton House

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Holding handsFoot Anstey has been instructed by the family of a former resident of Clinton House Care and Residential Home in St Austell, Cornwall after a secretly filmed BBC Panorama investigation showed evidence of  neglect and abuse by staff.

Panorama sent three undercover journalists to Clinton House following allegations of neglect being made. Two obtained employment as care assistants, whilst a third posed as a resident requiring respite care. All three recorded video footage of their experiences whilst at Clinton House. The footage showed poorly staffed homes where there were insufficient staff to cope with the needs of the residents (many of whom were immobile and required assistance with personal hygiene), including one incident where a resident who needed to use the toilet was allegedly left for so long in their wheelchair that they were incontinent and another who was allegedly left on a bedpan for an excessive period of time.

The programme also showed a nurse employed by the home apparently recommending that a resident (who was feeling unwell and wanted to be taken to hospital) be given morphine to “shut her up”, rather than her health concerns being investigated.

Clinton House is run by the Morleigh Group, who also operate two other care homes in the Cornwall area. The Morleigh Group have confirmed that, following being notified of the Panorama investigation, they have suspended the nurse involved pending an investigation.

They have also announced that Clinton House is to close. The Care Quality Commission are investigating the allegations relating to Clinton House, and have confirmed that they are also investigating the two other homes operated by the Morleigh Group.

Andrew Hannam, Partner and health care litigator at Foot Anstey who is leading the case said; “The events at Clinton House illustrated by the recent Panorama programme need to be fully investigated and those affected by it compensated. We are happy to speak with any families and/or former residents to explore with them their options”. Andrew has previously acted as the lead solicitor in large group actions arising out of allegations of abuse at Budock Hospital in Cornwall and Winterbourne View Hospital in Bristol. He has also acted more recently for a group of residents at a residential home in Gloucester who were abused by a care worker. He comments that “It is often the case that where there are a large number of potentially affected individuals, there is strength in numbers when pursuing compensation claims. This allows a more cohesive approach to all of the cases and means that the legal professionals involved in the case have a deeper understanding of the issues involved”.

If you are concerned about a family member or would like to speak to Foot Anstey about legal implications arising from the case, please contact Andrew Hannam or Lindsey Connett on 01392 685385 or