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    You may be eligible for broken bone compensation if your injury was the result of someone else’s action or inaction.

    If your bone fracture was partly your fault and partly someone else’s, you may still be able to claim.

    Compensation can help you when you’ve suffered loss of earnings or face costs because of a broken bone, such as due to hospital visits or specialist equipment. Part of the payment is for your pain and suffering.

    We can assist whether your injury was the result of a workplace incident, road traffic collision, medical negligence or some other reason.

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    Compensation for Terence after legs broken in hot air balloon incident

     We negotiated £36,800 compensation for Terence* whose legs were broken when he went on a hot air balloon flight.

    Both of Terence’s lower legs were broken at the knee (bilateral fractures of the tibial plateau) in the incident that happened at landing.

    The wind speed picked up as the balloon was about to land and the pilot gave instructions for the passengers to face away from the direction of travel and adopt the brace position. The instructions came too late for Terence and he did not have enough time to follow them before landing. When the balloon landed two passengers fell onto his legs.

    Terrence needed initial surgery involving plates and screws and a second surgery later. He was told he would need knee replacements within ten years.

    Liability for Terence’s injuries was disputed, but we settled the claim without Terrence needing to go to court.

    *name has been changed.

    After-effects of Broken Bones

    It is common for compensation for a broken bone to range from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds.

    Compensation amounts are partly based on the specific financial implications of a broken bone on an individual, including, for example, loss of earnings. Someone who was unable to continue with a high paid job due to a broken bone may get more compensation than someone else with a similar fracture that could continue their vocation.

    In addition to ‘special damages,’ which are unique to individuals, compensation payments also include ‘general damages’. General damages tend to vary less and are based on Judicial College guidelines.

    For broken bones, general damages awards, guideline amounts include:

    Broken Arms and wrists compensation

      • fractured humerus (upper arm) leading to restricted shoulder movement: £11,980 to £18,020
      • serious fractures of the forearm with significant permanent disability: £36,770 to £56,180
      • simple elbow fracture with no ongoing problems: £3,310
      • an uncomplicated Colles’ (wrist) fracture: around £6,970.

    Broken legs and feet compensation

      • complicated or multiple leg fracture (such as via severe crushing): £26,050 to £36,790
      • Simple metatarsal fractures (foot bone fractures) with continuing symptoms such as limp, pain or aching: £6,580 to £12,900.

    Other broken bones compensation

      • extensive fracture of the pelvis with added complications: £73,580 to £122,860.

    Guideline damages are paid in addition to special damages. Special damages may exceed general damages and make the total much higher.


    What can broken bone compensation help with?

    Compensation for a fracture or broken bone can be used to help you get your life back on track in multiple ways, including to cover:

    • loss of earnings, perhaps due to multiple hospital visits, time off for surgery or because you cannot return to your job
    • care and rehabilitation that you couldn’t get or would have a long wait for on the NHS
    • specialist equipment, home adaptations or care
    • equipment you need to return to a hobby or sport after a fracture.

    Your solicitor will work with you to detail exactly how your fracture has already, or may in the future, impact on you financially and this will form the basis of your claim. Once you have a settlement you will usually be free to spend the money however you wish.

    Is there a time limit for claiming fracture compensation?

    Usually, you will have three years from the date of your fracture to make a claim for compensation. You may have longer in some circumstances, such as if you did not become aware that the break was due to someone else’s negligence until later.

    If the person who has suffered a broken bone has mental capacity issues or is a child there is a longer period in which to claim. A claim can usually be made for a child up to their 21st birthday. People lacking mental capacity usually do not have a deadline in which to claim.

    It is best to contact a solicitor for advice as soon as you start to think about making a claim. Even if you are not sure whether you are within the time limit or have not yet decided you definitely want to pursue compensation. For friendly advice with no pressure to proceed contact us.

    How much does it cost to make a broken bone compensation claim?

    It is usually possible to make a broken bone claim on a no win no fee basis or other similar agreement.
    We can discuss all the options with you to ensure you aren’t at risk of paying significant legal fees for making a claim.

    Usually, if your claim is successful, the person you are claiming against will pay all your legal costs as part of the damages award. You can take out a low cost insurance policy or proceed on a no win no fee basis to ensure you are not left out-of-pocket even if you do not win your claim.

    More frequently asked questions

    You can find more answers to frequently asked compensation related questions on our guides and information page.

    You’ll find extensive information on personal injury, medical negligence and mental capacity issues there.

    You can also contact us directly with any questions you have. No question is a silly question. We are happy to help whatever your compensation query.

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