Serious Injury

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Suffering a serious injury caused by negligence can be life-changing, leaving you in need of specialised treatment and rehabilitation. What do we mean when we say “serious injury”? That’s any injury which has a long-term effect on the way you live your life.

We’ve helped lots of clients in that same situation with serious injury claims. We know the importance of regaining your independence. A successful serious injury claim can help move your life forwards, so contact one of our experienced serious accident lawyers today.

A serious injury could happen in many ways, and take many forms

It could involve loss of a sense, like sight or hearing. It could be the loss of a limb (an amputation). It could even be a multiple injury claim, if you’ve been hurt in more than one place. It can affect all aspects of your day-to-day living, from family life to employment. If it happened due to someone else’s negligence, a specialised serious injury lawyer from our team could help you to claim.


With a successful legal claim, even the most serious of injuries can receive additional treatment and support.

We work with experts in care, rehabilitation and home adaptation to ensure that every aspect of your injury is treated

If your home is now unsuitable, we can help you find one which meets your requirements, and coordinate any work which needs to be done before it’s right for you to live in.

A case manager can be appointed to make sure your care and rehabilitation is working the way it should – by helping you get better.