Broken Bones

Real Life Experiences



Terence’s Story

Terence went on a hot air balloon ride in Cornwall. Before landing, the wind speed picked up. The pilot told all passengers to face backwards to the direction of travel and adopt the brace position. However he gave the instructions too late and Terence did not have enough time to do so before the balloon landed. It crashed and two other passengers fell backwards on to his legs, causing him significant pain. The balloon bounced a number of times before coming to land on its side.

Terence was unable to move from the basket and an ambulance was called. X-rays revealed bilateral fractures of the tibial plateau (i.e. the lower legs at the knee on both sides). He had surgery (‘open reduction and internal fixation’) with plates and screws.

What happened next?

It took him a long time to recover and he needed a second operation to replace the metalwork. He will need knee replacements within the next ten years.

Liability was disputed and the claim was hard-fought. The risk of failing at trial was 50% but we negotiated £36,800 for him.

All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

What our clients say

"You are a star! Thank you ever so much for helping me through my claim, without your  understanding and clarity of thought, the case would have been so much more difficult for me."