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Rachel Eyers

Medical Negligence

Senior Associate

"It is an honour to help people through what can be a very low point in their life to find something akin to justice."

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I have an extensive background of personal injury experience for over 25 years, ultimately diversifying into clinical negligence claims in the last eight years.

I have significant experience of advising clients on all aspects of their claim and many of my cases have been highly complex medically.  My expertise includes dealing with:

  • amputation claims, whether arising as a result of ulcers or traumatic injuries
  • perineal tears and bladder injuries
  • birth claims
  • delay in diagnosis of cancer
  • delay in diagnosis of fractures
  • product liability cases
  • nursing care claims
  • claims involving loss of eyesight
  • Dealing with a catastrophic injury case where, due to negligence, a closed fracture converted to an open fracture resulting in a below leg amputation, having a significant effect on the client’s health and lifestyle
  • Dealing with a highly complex case following failure to properly treat an ulcer in a diabetic man with pre-existing vascular issues, leading to two amputations, first of a toe, and then a forefoot
  • Dealing with a delay in diagnosis of a squamous cell carcinoma to the head, originally identified as a basal cell carcinoma.  The claimant required reconstruction of the head (which later failed) after the tumour attached to bone and the cancer metastasised to the neck and lung. This had a devastating effect on the client and her life
  • Successfully concluded a claim involving product liability for hip replacements against a well-known manufacturer.
  • Successfully concluded a claim involving delay in diagnosis of a cervical fracture where the effects of the delay were disputed throughout the lifetime of the case

What our Customers Say

" I found Rachel very helpful and understanding. She could not have been more approachable and caring about the case. "
" Thank you for being so helpful with the case and making me keep faith in pursuing the matter when at times it felt that it was never going to reach a conclusion, your professionalism does you credit. "
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