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    Parents who lose a baby to stillbirth will have questions about the care received, but we have medical negligence lawyers who specialise in getting the answers needed.

    Our solicitors understand the sensitivity required when investigating your child’s compensation claim. Speak to our stillbirth claims specialists today for a free, confidential discussion.


    The loss of a baby to stillbirth or neonatal death is truly devastating. Any parent would have questions in a scenario like this, but if it becomes apparent that your child was the victim of negligent medical treatment, finding out what went wrong will be vital.

    The impact of losing a baby can be far reaching and often impact relationships, work, and your mental well-being. Physical injuries to the mother can also have long lasting consequences. We understand that a  stillbirth or neonatal death claim isn’t about the money. It’s about getting answers and helping you overcome the devastating effects of neonatal death negligence.



    Rebecca’s Story

    We acted for the parents of baby Rebecca. During labour, midwives failed to notice signs that the baby’s heart rate was low and she was becoming deprived of oxygen. By the time they were concerned it was too late. They called a senior obstetrician who did an emergency caesarean section.

    When Rebecca was born, her heart was not beating and she was resuscitated and ventilated. She was thought to have suffered a brain injury and was therefore transferred to another hospital for brain cooling.  Unfortunately, Rebecca did not recover.  Two days later her life support was turned off and Rebecca sadly died.

    How did we help?

    We investigated a claim and obtained evidence that the midwives had made serious mistakes in managing the labour. They should have consulted a senior obstetrician earlier. Had they done so Rebecca would have been born before she had been starved of oxygen, her brain would not have been injured and she would not have died.

    We negotiated damages of £74,144.43 for her mother.

    All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

    Supporting Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death) Charity

    Enable Law supports Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, so that we can offer our clients an additional level of care and support. Sands are constantly searching for ways to improve pre-natal care so that as few families as possible will have to live with the heartbreak of a negligent stillbirth.

    Dealing with stillbirth or neonatal death is difficult, but it is not a burden that you have to bear alone. Speak to our experienced medical negligence lawyers today, and let us take the weight.

    Helping Hospitals Learn From Errors

    If the baby is not monitored correctly during birth, then any difficulties they are having may not be discovered until too late. Our experienced team of medical law specialists have dealt with stillbirth compensation claims for many clients who have lost children due to negligent monitoring, and subsequent failures to report worrying signs, and we know how important it is to ensure that lessons are learned that can stop the same thing happening to another baby.

    Expert Stillbirth Compensation Solicitors

    Dealing with stillbirth or neonatal death is difficult, but it is not a burden that you have to bear alone. Speak to our experienced neonatal death negligence lawyers today, and let us take the weight.

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