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    Our specialist solicitors are here to help parents who suffer the stillbirth or neonatal death of a baby due to medical negligence or personal injury.

    Not all stillbirths and neonatal deaths can be avoided, but in some cases clinical mistakes or mismanagement during pregnancy, labour or a baby’s early life are a factor.

    We have supported dozens of parents who have suffered the death of a child to pursue compensation claims to help them to find answers – and, in many cases, assurances that what they suffered will not happen again.

    We understand the complex emotions and trauma parents who have suffered stillbirth and neonatal death face.

    A compensation claim can be a route to ensuring a thorough investigation into your baby’s death – and allowing you to access the best support available to help you and your family to rebuild your lives.

    If you’re feel your baby may have survived given the right medical care, or had you not been involved in an accident that was not your fault, we can help.

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    When is it possible to claim compensation for the death of a baby?

    It’s possible to claim compensation if stillbirth or neonatal death was the result of, or was contributed to by, someone else’s negligence. This may be due to medical negligence or personal injury due to an accident or incident that was caused, in whole or in part, by someone else.

    The compensation process can be a route to getting answers over what went wrong and to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    Clinical mistakes that may lead to stillbirth or neonatal death include failures in:

    • spotting and diagnosing problems with the placenta
    • treatment and diagnosis of pre-eclampsia
    • the identification and care of the liver disorder obstetric cholestasis
    • spotting and treating an infection, such as Group B Streptococcus
    • treating and managing reduced foetal movements
    • childbirth, including not involving a senior obstetrician appropriately
    • conducting regular check ups
    • taking appropriate action in relation to test results or in the interpretation of them.

    We can help you to uncover whether mistakes were made in your treatment or that of your baby, and if they were instrumental in stillbirth or neonatal death.

    Not all tragedies are preventable. A thorough investigation and claim of those that are, may save future lives.

    What can stillbirth and neonatal death compensation be used for?

    Compensation can help families to access counselling, offset damaging loss of earnings caused by having to take time out of work to deal with the loss of a baby and to begin putting their lives back together.

    We understand that compensation cannot take away the loss or suffering that accompany the death of your baby. What it can do is let you and your family find answers that help you understand what went wrong, and compensation to access care and support as you cope with the impacts of stillbirth and neonatal death.



    Neonatal death compensation of £74,000

    We worked with the parents of baby Rebecca* who was starved of oxygen during childbirth.

    When Rebecca was born, her heart was not beating and she was resuscitated and ventilated. She was thought to have suffered a brain injury and was transferred to another hospital for brain cooling. Unfortunately, Rebecca did not recover. Two days later her life support was turned off and Rebecca sadly died.

    Midwives initially failed to spot Rebecca’s low heart rate during labour. It then took them too long to contact a senior obstetrician.

    Our investigation found that had midwives acted appropriately, Rebecca would not have suffered brain injury or died.

    We negotiated damages of £74,144.43.

    *Name has been changed.

    What is a typical neonatal death or stillbirth compensation amount?

    Stillbirth and neonatal death compensation amounts may range from a few thousand to six-figure sums, depending on the specifics of your case.

    It’s possible to claim for:

    • pain and suffering
    • loss of earnings due to having to leave a job or take time off, for example
    • counselling and support, including for parents and siblings
    • additional care and support you required or require due to your loss
    • funeral expenses
    • other expenses related to your loss, including travel to therapy sessions, for example.

    The impact of losing a baby can be far reaching and often impacts relationships, work, and your mental well-being.

    Physical injuries to the mother can also have long-lasting consequences. We understand that a stillbirth or neonatal death claim isn’t about the money. It’s about getting answers and helping you to manage the devastating effects of neonatal death negligence or stillbirth.

    Specialists in supporting parents through stillbirth and neonatal death claims

    Our expert stillbirth and neonatal death solicitors have detailed professional knowledge around how things should be managed during pregnancy, childbirth and the care of young babies. We can help you get the answers you need around what happened to your baby.

    We have helped many parents at this time and know you need us to listen and explain. We’ll treat you with care and empathy and support you throughout.

    Through our experience we’ve also learned about what can help parents to move forward and our aim is to ensure that, like them, you can access whatever you need.

    Supporting Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death) Charity

    Enable Law supports Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, so we can offer our clients an additional level of care and support. Sands is constantly searching for ways to improve pre-natal care so that as few families as possible will have to live with the heartbreak of a negligent stillbirth.

    Dealing with stillbirth or neonatal death is difficult, but it is not a burden you have to bear alone. Speak to our experienced medical negligence lawyers today, and let us help.


    Expert stillbirth compensation solicitors

    Dealing with stillbirth or neonatal death is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Speak to our experienced neonatal death negligence lawyers today and let us help.


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