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An acquired brain injury can be caused by an infection, disease or lack of oxygen. The effects can be extensive and wide-ranging, and will almost always be life-changing.

If you or a loved one are put in this situation because of an avoidable medical mistake, that’s when you need to speak to an experienced acquired brain injury lawyer like those in our team.





Esther went to hospital several times over two days with severe headaches and sickness. Eventually she was admitted. Blood cultures showed a rare strain of tubercular meningitis. Doctors thought this must be a mistake and treated her for a virus. After three weeks she started to have fits and she was correctly diagnosed. By then she had abscesses on her brain. These caused serious damage to her brain. She needed surgery to her brain and a shunt was inserted (a channel to ensure fluid was able to drain from her brain). Unfortunately, the shunt became blocked twice and each time her brain injury became worse.

She was left with cognitive damage (i.e. her ability to think, learn, remember, understand and communicate was reduced). She managed to complete her secondary schooling but failed to cope with a university course.



We assisted Esther in bringing a claim against the hospital and she received damages of £2 million including a lump sum and an annual payment for life (periodical payment). This enabled her to pay for some support at home, particularly to plan and organise her activities. It should also meet her loss of earnings for life.

All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

What is Acquired Brain Injury?

An acquired brain injury is any kind of injury to the brain which has been sustained in a way that didn’t involve an obvious physical injury. The symptoms can be the same, and include paralysis, coma, permanent brain damage causing mental or physical disability and even death.

Our acquired brain injury services have been informed by many years of working with clients who were left with the need for specialised care following their brain injury. We understand how important an effective care and rehabilitation programme is after this kind of injury, and that’s why we will work with you to ensure your loved one is able to access the help they need.

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We are delighted to support the excellent work of Scope and Headway (local and national) and to be a corporate partner with Child Brain Injury Trust.

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