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Sadiqa was 35 when she became pregnant with her third child. On a Friday afternoon at 20 weeks pregnant she developed pain in her abdomen and could not feel her baby’s heart-beat. She went to accident and emergency. She was reassured. No tests were done and she went home. She went back on Saturday morning but again nothing was done and she was told to come back on Monday morning. By then she had a fever and felt very ill, she was admitted to the hospital and given antibiotics but got steadily worse. On Tuesday morning the doctors realised she was seriously ill with sepsis. She was admitted to the intensive care ward but sadly died.

Her husband brought a claim for himself and the two children. The hospital eventually admitted negligence and that with proper care she would not have died.

He recovered damages of more than £500,000.

All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

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