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    Our specialist solicitors support people with sepsis medical negligence claims when the illness was not spotted early enough or treated effectively.

    The consequences of negligence involving sepsis can be catastrophic, including organ failure, limb loss and even death.

    Our medical negligence solicitors understand the devastating effects that negligent treatment of sepsis can have on a family.

    A legal claim for compensation with the support of our specialist solicitors can give you the best chance of getting back your independence and may help highlight errors to stop others experiencing the pain you went through.

    Speak to us today about your sepsis negligence claim, and make the first move towards a brighter future.

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    Sepsis and medical negligence

    Sepsis, also sometimes called septicaemia or blood poisoning, is the immune system’s overreaction to an inflection. This reaction causes it to start damaging the body’s tissues and organs.

    Failures to spot, diagnose and properly treat sepsis early may amount to negligence.

    Mistakes that may have been avoidable include:

    • Misdiagnosis: Where a medical professional fails to spot the signs of sepsis.
    • Delays: Where sepsis was not spotted as quickly as it ought to be or you were not treated quickly enough
    • Test failures: In cases where the correct sepsis tests were not carried out or the results incorrectly stated or read.
    • Medication failures: If you were not given the proper sepsis drugs or they were not administered correctly.

    Making a sepsis claim

    It is possible for families to make a sepsis medical negligence claim if a loved one has died due to poor or mismanaged care.

    If family members were dependent on the person who has died, compensation can help in their ongoing support.

    Where sepsis has caused injury to an individual, compensation can be a lifeline to help in paying for the best equipment, rehabilitation and aids to help them live a rounded life.

    How can a sepsis compensation claim help?

    The long term impact of failing to diagnose sepsis can have a devastating effect. You may need to find a more suitable home, or your existing house may need to be specially adapted to cope with your needs.

    You might require prosthetic limbs, or even need someone to provide specialist care. Sepsis may impact on loved ones too. It can impact on your own ability to work and earn – and may also impact on family earnings.

    With Enable Law you can have confidence that your solicitor has experience in dealing with a complex medical negligence compensation claim to help you get the financial assistance you need to have as full a life as possible.

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    Sepsis compensation after pregnant mother died

    We helped a father of two claim £500,000 in compensation after his pregnant wife died of sepsis.

    Sadiqa was 35 when she became pregnant with her third child. On a Friday afternoon, at 20 weeks pregnant, she developed pain in her abdomen and could not feel her baby’s heartbeat. She went to an accident and emergency department, where she was reassured and no tests were done before Sadiqa went home.

    She went back on the Saturday morning but again nothing was done and she was told to come back on the Monday. By then she had a fever and felt very ill, she was admitted to the hospital and given antibiotics but got steadily worse. On the Tuesday morning the doctors realised she was seriously ill with sepsis. She was admitted to the intensive care ward but sadly died.

    The hospital eventually admitted negligence and that with proper care she would not have died.

    The damages Sadiqa’s husband received will help him to support his family. The case also helped to highlight what had gone wrong in the care of Sadiqa, which may prevent others suffering in the same way.

    Partnered with UK Sepsis Trust

    Enable Law is proud to  partner with the UK Sepsis Trust, a charity which aims to save the lives of 12,500 Sepsis victims a year. We are passionate about their work to support those affected by sepsis, and we will continue to assist it wherever possible.

    How much compensation will I receive for sepsis?

    The amount of compensation in a sepsis negligence claim will depend upon a number of factors including the severity of the outcome, age of the person involved and the future personal needs the injuries create.

    Compensation claims are made up on two elements: special damages and general damages.

    The amount of general damages payable in a compensation claim is fairly closely regulated. The general damages payment is most likely to fit into a guideline amount and is designed to be compensation for pain and suffering of a particular injury.

    Special damages are less prescribed. The amount partially depends on what your solicitor can demonstrate that you will need in order to live a rounded life with your injury. The special damages element of claims may include awards for prosthetics, specialist care, home adaptations and mobility aids, for example.

    Guideline general damages amounts that may be relevant to sepsis compensation, may include:

    Injury suffered as a result of sepsis negligence Further detail about the injury suffered and claim amounts Guideline general damages amount.


    Note: General damages are only part of a sepsis claim. Special damages will also form part of the total and may far exceed general damages.

    Amputation of an arm The exact value of guideline general damages will depend on factors such as whether the amputation is above the elbow, presence of phantom pains and age of the person affected Arm amputated at the shoulder – not less than £128,710
    Loss of thumb £33,330 to £51,460
    Amputation of index and middle and/or ring finger £58,100 to £85,170
    Below-knee amputation of one leg Factors such as presence of phantom pains, how successful prosthetics can be and any associated psychological problems will influence the payment amount £91,950 to £124,800
    Kidney damage Where there is significant risk of future urinary tract infection or total loss of natural kidney function up to £60,050

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