World Cancer Day 2024: Closing the care gap

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World Cancer Day 2024 is a global effort to highlight the importance of knowing more about cancer. It happens every year on 4 February and started in 2000 by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). The day is all about promoting early detection, prevention, and treatment of cancer. It also calls for better access to healthcare for people affected by cancer. World Cancer Day brings together individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide to work together against cancer.

This year’s theme is “Close the Care Gap,” focusing on the uneven access to cancer care around the world. There are many barriers like limited access to healthcare, money issues, stigma, and lack of awareness that contribute to this gap. It’s important to bridge these gaps in care to make sure everyone, no matter where they come from or their situation, can get the care they need.

The concept of “Closing the Care Gap” is easy to understand and put in context when thinking of the diagnostic and treating resources available to people in different parts of the world but one of the things our work supporting cancer patients and their loved ones has shown us is that factors like demographics including where one lives can have a big impact on their cancer journey even here in the UK.

Sadly and especially in the last few years we speak to more people whose diagnosis was delayed affecting the type of treatment / likelihood of their treatment’s success.

If you are worried about the treatment you or a loved one received and you feel that something may have gone wrong it is always worth investigating it. It is often helpful to understand what has gone wrong, and why. A specialist clinical negligence solicitor will help you get answers. If your doctor is found to be negligent, the right solicitor can help you secure compensation to ease the financial burden the negligence may have had on you and give you access to additional treatment, rehab and adaptations to support you with any long term needs you have developed.

Cancer treatment claims can involve complex issues about who is at fault for you not receiving appropriate medical care, and how that has affected your recovery. It is important that lessons are learned so that these mistakes are not repeated. It is important that you instruct a specialist clinical negligence solicitor with experience in this area.

To talk to a member of our specialist team call us on 0800 044 8488 for free. All discussions are confidential and free of charge. If we think you may have a case we will advise you on next steps including using your legal expenses insurance if you have some or having a “conditional fee agreement” where you will only have to pay legal fees if we are successful with your case and we secure you compensation. You will never have to pay for our work out of pocket.

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