Jamie Mines: Lesson to be learnt?

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The employers of quadruple amputee Jamie Mines, Boundary Scaffolding and its director Jonathon Lee Griffith-Clack have admitted failures in safety in the recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) case.  The poor safety standards which resulted in Mr  Mines’ terrible accident serves as a crucial reminder for the importance of safety at all times, in all places.

33 year old scaffolder and semi-professional footballer Jamie Mines was electrocuted whilst working near overhead power cables in Somerset and consequently lost all four limbs as a result of his horrific accident.   These life changing injuries need practical, emotional and also financial support to ensure that whilst life changing, not life restricting.   Specialist lawyers at Enable Law have been helping Jamie and his family to get the financial support required to live a comfortable and independent life, covering requirements that range from prostheses, suitable accommodation and dietary requirements.  This is highly specialised work since the requirements are complex.

The case bought by the HSE highlighted that several key safety procedures were not followed and that generally a safe working environment was not provided.  Whilst in some situations, the feeling is that everyone has gone ‘health and safety mad’, this scenario clearly proves that is still key, crucial and of utmost importance to the continued protection of employees.  Ignore them and the consequences could be catastrophic.